Lace, Bows & a Giveaway!


 I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend!  Mine was relaxing and the great thing is, my hubby accompanied me to church.  I have to mention this because the going to church weekly issue is one issue we are figuring out as a couple.  I would go to church every Sunday if I could but my hubby would rather go once in a while.  I'm not sure how to handle this, any ideas will be appreciated ha
About this look, I wanted to wear these girly bow heels which I love so I thought to make the rest of the look very feminine and work around the heels.  I did this with the lace sleeved top, high low skirt and my new favorite bag.  By the way I think lace is one way to add femininity to a look.

Heels- Aminah Jillil (here), Skirt- ASOS (similar), Cuff- Forever 21 (similar), Top- Express (here), Bag- Phillip Lim (here), Watch- Michael Kors (here).
And now for the giveaway! I've teamed up with 12 fabulous bloggers to bring you an awesome, Mother's Day giveaway - with 3 winners! Be sure to check out these ladies' blogs & enter through the Rafflecopter below. A very important note - All giveaway entries will be verified, before winners are announced.


  1. wow! Those shoes are fabulous and really deserve a post of their own! Are they comfy? I love that you kept the rest of the outfit simple but feminine...let's the shoes shine :)

  2. You look Lovely and could wear just about anything with those shoes, they are so darn sexy!

  3. Love that bag! It belongs on your arm :) And those heels are pretty fantastic!
    As for church... do you go by yourself when your hubby doesn't feel like coming? What about compromising with him and ask if he'll come once a month? Is there something that he likes doing that you don't? Maybe you can compromise with that?
    Love the contest, too!

    xo, Jackie

  4. you look amazing yvonne, and those shoes are everything! slightly jealous. lol I'm finally able to post a comment it was always blocking me before! I have the same problem with my partner, I just go even when he doesn't, hopefully in time he will see that it means a lot!

    Can i ask what camera and lens your using ,your pics are stunning? x


  5. you look beautiful yvonne. You already know i am in love with those shoes. I Pray that the designer makes something similar with kitten heels !

  6. I am swooning over the heels! And I love your skirt girl!


    Rachel Ashley


  7. The shoes are everything! Lucky girl!

  8. Thank you Ashley! Glad you like it!!

  9. I hope she makes something similar too...I think she makes some flats too but we'll see...but thanks so much!

  10. Hi Carol & thank you very much for your input and for stopping by. My mom says I should just go too and I'm sure he'll join eventually. A friends hubby takes my pics and has great cameras...better than what I have but I'll ask him what type he uses next time;)

  11. Hi Jackie! Yes I do go by myself when he doesn't go and we are at that compromising point with about twice a month which is ok for more and we'll see if it becomes 3 times haha either way, I'll be happy with that for now & knowing he is a good person. Anyway thank you for your input and thanks for the compliment...I do love the bag!

  12. Aww thank you very much and thanks or stopping by! They are ok...comfort wise...they are ok initially but like most shoes start hurting if on your feet for a while.


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