Doctorate Graduation 2017

[Please excuse my long absence as I was dealing with pregnancy sickness as well as putting my efforts into making this graduation mentioned possible].  

May 13th was one of my most memorable days in my life thus far.  It was the day I graduated with my doctorate degree.  I got my doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) specifically.  It was approximately a 2 year process and although not always easy, I would do it again because it was a personal and professional goal with the push of my parents and the support of my husband.  Accomplishing this just meant I had attained the highest level in my field.  I wanted to share this because I sometimes get questions on schools and nursing programs in particular.  Besides the specific questions I answer, I wanted to share this to encourage whoever is in school or considering going to a certain program whether in nursing or not to encourage them to just go for it. 

 I can say that I have never been the most intelligent/smartest in my classes but I have always been determined and hardworking (willing to put in the work).  I believe with the will of God and these qualities, goals such as these can be accomplished.  I am proud to say I'm one of the first in my family with a doctorate degree and I hope this sets the path and inspires others in my family as well as any others that they too can do the same if they wish to.  I did it not just for me but for my family.  The above pictures are a few from my graduation ceremony and graduation party at home thrown by family.  I was thankful for the few family members, friends, and the Virtuous women group (in the matching ankara fabric) in Ohio who flew in to lend a support to their friend my mother and joined the celebration.  It was overall a good day, I'm also thankful to God for.  Thanks for reading!


Stepping in 2017 in Sequins!

"If not now, then when?!"
Shirt- H&M (Here), Skirt- Dillards/old (Similar, Similar), Heels- Christian Louboutin (Here), Bracelet- Gift (Similar).
Happy new year!!!! I am most thankful for making it into the new year as I am aware that not everyone was able to do so.  Like I'd stated on instagram, 2016 was a good year with one hiccup but one out of the year for the most part I'd say is ok.  I can only pray for another blessed year.  A new year for me is another opportunity to start doing what it is you always wanted to do after all if not now, then when?!
I chose to share this look for new year after reshooting from my bday because the pictures were not clear.  I figured nothing screems a new year look more than sequins right.  Personally, sequins are bold enough alone that I felt pairing it with a simple classic white shirt and classic black
were appropriate.  Hope you like and thanks for stopping by!


Stepping in Tulle!

"Live.  Don't just exist"
Skirt- Space 46 Boutique (Similar), Shirt- H&M (Similar), Heels- Casadei (Similar), Bag-Rebecca Minkoff (Here).
Hello and hope you had a merry christmas with loved ones.  I had a great one although I was not feeling well, it was still nice spending time with my parents, Jason and family.  I think I've always said this but will repeat again and that is to always remember the reason for the season.  We should be thankful for this life we are given and live it to the fullest.  
About this look, I thought the tulle skirt is something happy and festive and thought since it's the holidays, it is appropriate although I think tulle can be worn year round. I paired with a button down shirt and black heels and bag to complete the look.  Hope you like and wish you a happy season.  Thanks for stopping by!


Add a Bow on It!

"Time has a way of showing us what really matters"
Skirt-Zara (Here), Top- Zara (Here), Heels-Christian Louboutin (Here), Bracelets- Babyroz Boutique (c/o Herelove this), Bag- Chanel (SimilarSimilar).
Hello! Hope you had a good weekend.  A friend treated me to the movies for my bday and we saw allied. I loved the movie and thought it's a great story of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and sometimes doing things for love that we thought we could not do.  I think doing a lot for love (whether it's friendship love, significant other love, family love etc) is great but to always remember not to do so much that it affects us negatively but time has a way of showing us what really matters afterall.
About this look, in trying to put some holiday looks together, I thought the color of the bodysuit top is appropriate for the holidays and year round really and loved the fun bow detail of the skirt thinking the holidays are fun after all.  I added the beautiful babyroz bracelets and bag to complete the look! Thanks for stopping by!


Birthday 2016!

Happy birthday to me! For as long as I can remember, I've only had fond memories of my birthdays so birthdays have always been special to me.  I have to first start by thanking God for giving me another year of life.  As I get older, I realize a few things I'd liked to share as I reflect back after all it only helps me see things clearer as I move forward. 
1) We have to be appreciative but not too comfortable in the sense that we can always do more and be more.  I am incredibly grateful today because I can truly say that I do not need anything, at least nothing that can be bought.  It's not because I have so much but because I am content with what I have.  Whenever I feel bad about something frivolous I might want or think I need although none presently, I think of those that have it worse and instantly appreciate more.   
2) I'm certain my parents, and Jason are my best friends
3)When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them
4)With friends, quality over quantity.  And I believe it's not how long you've known a person but how you connect and they prove themselves to you in the amount of time you've known them.
5)Spending time with yourself is ok and has it's advantages.  I can say I am now ok with spending time by myself.  Don't get me wrong because I do enjoy spending time with family and friends but I'd always wanted to be comfortable being a friend to myself and I can say that I am just fine with that presently.  I'd seen a quote and loved it.  It stated "if you make friends with yourself, you'll never be alone".  
Anyway, as I enter into a new age, I pray that whatever amazing plans God has for me come to fruition.  I'm off to eat cake so thanks for stopping by! (ps. I'll do an outfit post with more pictures and details soon)


Stripes for Work!

"There is no substitute for hard work"
Skirt-Express (SimilarSimilar), Shirt- H&M (Similar), Bag- Phillip Lim (Here), Heels/old- Forever 21 (Similar).
Hello and hope your week is going well.  Mine has been great as I'd shared on instagram stories that my parents visited for thanksgiving and it was lovely.  The one thing my parents have always showed me and continue to show me besides love is hard work.  I acknowledge I've been blessed with their contribution in getting me where I am today but I'm always reminded of the importance of working hard, being independent and not having to rely on anyone.  I'll share what drives me on the next post.
Speaking of hard work, I chose to share a work inspired look today with the pencil skirt and button down shirt which I think are always appropriate for work as long as they're not too tight.  I added the striped heels to match the striped shirt and a big bag that's great for work.  Although this is a work look, the pieces can also be dressed differently for an outing.  As always, thanks for visiting!
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