New Year, New Resolutions?! & Black & White Parisian Style in Mind!

 Hello! Happy new year and hoping you had a merry christmas and having a happy new year thus far! Mom was here with us for christmas and although the kids were sick, it was still a nice joyous time. We thank God for the new year and if you read my last instagram post, you'll see I'm thanking God for some occurrences, accomplishments and overall blessings which occurred over the last year and decade.  As we enter a new year and decade, I pray for good health, more success and more happiness in my life, and overall more peace in this world.  Do you make new year resolutions? I used to but have not in years except that I keep a few things in my mind I'd like to tackle.  I have a few but one I'll share is for fun and that's photography.  I want to learn how to use my camera and edit with having the kids growing up, I'd like to capture more moments better.  While writing this, we just heard of the sad untimely loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter and besides saying may they RIP, I have to insert one of his quotes as a reminder to eliminate fear and just go for our goals/plans.  "If you're afraid to fail, then you're probably going to fail" Kobe Bryant.

So I called this Parisian style because when I put the look together, something about it, maybe the classic colors or the style of the hat but something about it reminded me of a look I could wear in Paris.  This means I have Paris on my mind and yes I do.  Hubby and I loved Paris together years ago when we were there but we felt the trip there was rushed because we went to other cities so we are planning on another trip there sometime in the near future.

About this look, I love drop waist dresses and when I saw this dress and it was on more than 50% off over the holidays, I got it in 2 colors.  It's comfortable and cute in my opinion and hope you like it too.  I added the fun printed tights, booties and the hat keeping the colors black and white.  Thanks for stopping by!

Tights- Gucci (Here), Dress - Misguided (Here), Hat- Nordstrom (Here), Bag- Chanel (Similar, lower priced option here Similar), Booties- Justfab (Similar).

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