Birthday Girl 2019!

Happy birthday to me! I'm thankful for my life and my accomplishments and pray for more blessings.  God I'm grateful for my babies and the love from hubby, family and friends. 

With this new age like with any new birth day, I think of what I'd like to either embrace more of or work on.  An incident happened yesterday with a coworker which got me thinking, if i'd just said no, it would've avoided a lot more issues so the first thing I want to do more of is to say no when I want to say no.  Sometimes when I'm asked of certain things, I think about it and want to say no for different reasons but then I find myself saying maybe, let me see, ok instead of no so I'll be working on this.  Also, like the saying goes, I want to work hard and play hard.  I believe I work hard but I don't always make time for fun and that can be with my family or friends and I want to change this.

Anyway do you prefer a low key laid back type of birthday or more of an outing/party-like? I will be working so not much today but hubby has some dinner and going to a show plans this weekend.

About this look, I bought this dress when I was pregnant and was skeptical of how it'd fit after baby but I knew I generally liked this style of dresses and the style did not disappoint me post baby.  It's short, fun, flirty yet still classy with the sleeves.  The weather allowed me to style it like this by simply adding the sock boots which emphasized the dress being a mini and added my vintage dior saddle bag.   Although I wore it like this, I can also see it being styled with tights, or OTK boots, layering with a coat or so and holding a bigger bag.  I find this style of dresses to work with most people so I'll link similar if not able to find the exact.

Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by!

Dress- Nordstrom (Similar), Bag- very vintage Dior (Similar, Similar), Booties- Justfab (Similar).
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  1. Something I learned over the years, is to go with your gut! If it doesn’t feel right or doesn’t feel a smidge of yay. Say no. These I’m trying to avoid explaining my no. Happy Bday!