Combat Boots, Neutrals & a Simple Reminder from Motherhood!

Hello! hope you had a nice weekend.  If you saw in my stories, you'd see that we took Ella to something like a pumpkin patch, a maze.  She enjoyed some of the activities like going down a slide and seeing some animals like donkeys and goats.  Motherhood is really a lot of things including being able to see things through the eyes of your child.  The way they get excited at some of the simplest things is great to watch and reminds us to not always take life too seriously and to find joy in the simple things too.

Anyway about this look, I utilized two trends from this season, leather items and combat boots both older pieces from my closet.  I have to say combat boots are another trend with shoes this fall and I was happy to see that because I like the style of them.  I had purchased a pair last year on an amazing sale from JC Penney simply because I needed the style of boots in my closet and the sale was very good.  Because I have so many other boots, I did not find the need to invest in a more expensive pair but if you love the style, getting a pair that will last you a long time my be worth it because it's a style of boots that has been around forever and will probably continue.  I paired it with this short belted dress and because the weather was cooler, I added the tights and jacket.  Hope you like and thanks for stopping by!


An Ivory & Rose Flattering Dress!

 Hello! Hope your week has been going well so far.  I feel like this week, this month and this whole year has been going by so fast.  I wanted to just take a minute here and give you some encouragement to keep striving towards your goals because I believe a lot can happen in a day so there is still a lot of time left this year to work towards accomplishing those goals you have.  A friend of mine reminded me of this recently with her testimony of what she had prayed for all happening within months.

About this look, I have to say I saw it on social media and loved the shape and details and unlike some pieces I have bought from some boutiques, I was happy with this purchase.  The dress has weight to it, does not feel flimsy and I believe the shape is flattering on different body types.  I simply added the rust/cognac colored boots as it got a bit cooler that evening and paired it with my vintage Fendi baguette with like neutral colors.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you like!


Satin Midi & a Graphic T!

Hello, if you follow trends you'll notice that a satin midi skirt has been popular since the spring/summer time and it's continuing in the fall.  If it was colder here, I would style it with tights, maybe boots and definitely a warmer top (sweater or with a jacket) but since it's not, I added a fun T shirt with a scene from the movie dirty dancing and matched the nude heels to the nude bag.  By the way have you seen the movie? it's what I call an oldie but a goodie, it's cute.  I had actually planned on pairing this look with white sneakers which is another option but could not find them at the location so I went with the nude heels instead.  Hope you like and thanks for stopping by!


Pleated Leather, a Sweatshirt & Talking about Post Baby Back to Work Anxiety!

Hello! I’m back on the blog after taking a few months hiatus to focus on family specifically having our second child. I’ve been on maternity leave for almost 3 months but starting work today and I’ve noticed that unlike with my first, I’m having a bit more anxiety going back to work this time. Anxiety is not something I usually deal with so having a bit of it presently has forced me to find some ways to handle it.  Three things I’m keeping in mind to be in control of the minor anxiety: