STYLE: Faux Leather Wrap Skirt and all Black!

Hello! It's been some time since I blogged here.  I am not back back to posting regularly but I will pop in every now and then here or on my social media channels.  I just wanted to update you with this. 

Sometimes it is ok to take a step back from some things and focus in other areas of ones life that need the focus for whatever reason and I am doing just that with some personal matters, and not negative matters in this case I must say thank God.

I know it's spring but since black is a color I believe can be worn year round and truthfully it's still cold in many areas, I felt it appropriate to share this look.  I liked the details of faux leather skirt and wanted to keep the look all black with a focus on the skirt and my vintage dior saddle bag find I'd scored for under $300 and had shared on ig stories in the past.  If you know that the newer bags are upwards of $3000 plus, you'd understand my excitement with this purchase.  

Skirt - JC Penney (Here),  Heels-Christian Louboutin (Here, Budget friendly here), Bag- Vintage Dior find (SimilarSimilar, love this), Turtleneck- H&M (Here).

I hope you like and thanks for stopping by!
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  5. I like wearing all black because I think this color suits me best, and I agree with your point that black could be worn all year round.

  6. Your outfit is gorgeous and suitable for any desired event! You can simply feel comfortable when you are at work or somewhere else.