STYLE & THOUGHTS: High Low Dress & Bow Heels!

Dress- NY & Co (HereSimilarSimilar), Shoes- Aminah Jillil (Here), Bag-old (Similar).

Hope your week is going great! So I decided I'd be sharing some more important things on my blog and this is one especially with having a daughter.  Can you guess one thing I hated about myself growing up? My big eyes.  I had been teased about them as a child and hated them for that reason but I grew to accept them, love them and actually when I get my makeup done, I ask for more eye makeup to enhance them even more.  I'm glad I got to this point because my daughter has my big eyes.  I can't imagine if I still hated my eyes and having to stare at hers and love them everyday.  Although my mom taught me at a young age my eyes were beautiful and it somewhat helped when I faced my teasing, I will do the same even more with my daughter.  I will teach her from a young age that her big eyes are beautiful, that I love them so if she is ever teased about them or any other features, she already has a solid foundation that they are big yet beautiful.  My point is, we should love our features and accept them for making us who we are and pass that on to our children.

With this look, I wanted to style this comfortable high low fit and flare shirt dress so I paired it with a few blue pieces being the blue bow heels and bag to match.  This fit and flare dress is so easy to wear comfortable and can be dressed up or down.  Hope you like, thanks for viewing!
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