MOTHERHOOD: What motherhood has taught me so far!

My baby is one and without going too much into a long emotional post, I’ll just say I’m so very thankful for her and this milestone. She are brought so much joy to the family and we are grateful for our blessing being her.  She’s walking, she’s saying a few words like dada, thank you, oh oo, and stool potty trained. 

Motherhood has taught me a lot and it’ll continue to do so I’m sure but I wanted to share a few of the things it's taught me.

-Deep/Unconditional love: I’ve thought I knew love yes but not the purest, deepest, most unconditional love I had ever experienced.  I am more happy when my baby smiles and is happy than anything/anyone else has made me. I feel her hurt when she’s not feeling her best, I’m bothered when she cries, I’m tired sometimes but I want to keep at it with her. The love is just unconditional.
-Taught me who I am: I have not been perfect since becoming a mother but it’s made me strive to be better each day. Motherhood has made me realize that although I would like to spend every moment with her, I like being a working (even a few hrs a wk), independent mother.  It forces me to answer those hard questions I ask myself and by doing so, knowing myself better.  It’s made me appreciate freedom, and just life even more.
-Patience: I’m more patient and even when she’s fussy and just throwing a mini tantrum, I’m not as frustrated as I could be.  I look at how innocent she is, and I realize it’s all a part of the process, and I deal with it patiently.  I’m also more patient with my hubby, at work and in more aspects of my life.  
-Appreciate me/alone time: I have my closet room where I like to go and mess with my clothes/shoes/bags/jewelry and with her, I’m hardly in there. But when I have some alone time, I appreciate it so much more now because they are fewer. I sometimes go in there and try on stuff in my closet as my alone time.  I enjoy going to get manicures, with my alone time. Even just being in the toilet now is alone time I appreciate haha
-My life will never be the same: I am always thinking of her, her well being.  At work, I try my best to protect myself so I don't get sick and take it home to her.  When we travel, I have a good time but it's like incomplete without her there.  I think of the nanny watching her and pray she is not neglectful (watching with cameras helps too).  When she sleeps, I go and check on her.  I pray for her everyday or try to.  I am constantly rushing with anything or anywhere to get back to her but I know I need to find a balance.
These are a few to share for now although I'm sure I'll think of more soon and will share at some point.  Thanks for reading!     

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