STYLE: Gold chains & Gold buttons!

Skirt- NY &Co (SimilarSimilar), Heels- Casadei (Similar), Shirt- H&M (Similar), Necklace- Baublebar (Similar), Sunnies- Forever 21 (HereSimilar).

Hope you are having a good friday! It's a long weekend and I am planning to rest at home or at the family's country side home.  I feel drained this weekend and I have to remind myself of how important it is to just have me time when I can and just rest.  I think sometimes we get caught up in work, motherhood, being a wife, friend, etc that we are pulled in many directions which can be draining.  We have to stop and remember to "re-fuel" and different people do different things to refuel.  One of the things I like to do is to have nothing planned and just stay home.  I even try to avoid as many calls and just mentally reduce stimulation.  Another thing which I'll be doing this weekend which I know will help will be taking a break from the city and going to the country side approximately 2-3 hrs away up in the mountains which is just more calming.  I'll look forward to going for walks and just relaxing at the cabin with family.  Is there something you do to "refuel"?

About this look, I have to say I loved this skirt and I'm already thinking of ways to re style it.  I wanted the focus on the skirt and it's gold accents so I added the gold necklace, gold sunnies with one of my closet staples for fall and year round, the white button down shirt.  Hope you like the look and thanks for reading!
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MOTHERHOOD: What motherhood has taught me so far!

My baby is one and without going too much into a long emotional post, I’ll just say I’m so very thankful for her and this milestone. She are brought so much joy to the family and we are grateful for our blessing being her.  She’s walking, she’s saying a few words like dada, thank you, oh oo, and stool potty trained. 

Motherhood has taught me a lot and it’ll continue to do so I’m sure but I wanted to share a few of the things it's taught me.

-Deep/Unconditional love: I’ve thought I knew love yes but not the purest, deepest, most unconditional love I had ever experienced.  I am more happy when my baby smiles and is happy than anything/anyone else has made me. I feel her hurt when she’s not feeling her best, I’m bothered when she cries, I’m tired sometimes but I want to keep at it with her. The love is just unconditional.
-Taught me who I am: I have not been perfect since becoming a mother but it’s made me strive to be better each day. Motherhood has made me realize that although I would like to spend every moment with her, I like being a working (even a few hrs a wk), independent mother.  It forces me to answer those hard questions I ask myself and by doing so, knowing myself better.  It’s made me appreciate freedom, and just life even more.
-Patience: I’m more patient and even when she’s fussy and just throwing a mini tantrum, I’m not as frustrated as I could be.  I look at how innocent she is, and I realize it’s all a part of the process, and I deal with it patiently.  I’m also more patient with my hubby, at work and in more aspects of my life.  
-Appreciate me/alone time: I have my closet room where I like to go and mess with my clothes/shoes/bags/jewelry and with her, I’m hardly in there. But when I have some alone time, I appreciate it so much more now because they are fewer. I sometimes go in there and try on stuff in my closet as my alone time.  I enjoy going to get manicures, with my alone time. Even just being in the toilet now is alone time I appreciate haha
-My life will never be the same: I am always thinking of her, her well being.  At work, I try my best to protect myself so I don't get sick and take it home to her.  When we travel, I have a good time but it's like incomplete without her there.  I think of the nanny watching her and pray she is not neglectful (watching with cameras helps too).  When she sleeps, I go and check on her.  I pray for her everyday or try to.  I am constantly rushing with anything or anywhere to get back to her but I know I need to find a balance.
These are a few to share for now although I'm sure I'll think of more soon and will share at some point.  Thanks for reading!     

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STYLE & THOUGHTS: High Low Dress & Bow Heels!

Dress- NY & Co (HereSimilarSimilar), Shoes- Aminah Jillil (Here), Bag-old (Similar).

Hope your week is going great! So I decided I'd be sharing some more important things on my blog and this is one especially with having a daughter.  Can you guess one thing I hated about myself growing up? My big eyes.  I had been teased about them as a child and hated them for that reason but I grew to accept them, love them and actually when I get my makeup done, I ask for more eye makeup to enhance them even more.  I'm glad I got to this point because my daughter has my big eyes.  I can't imagine if I still hated my eyes and having to stare at hers and love them everyday.  Although my mom taught me at a young age my eyes were beautiful and it somewhat helped when I faced my teasing, I will do the same even more with my daughter.  I will teach her from a young age that her big eyes are beautiful, that I love them so if she is ever teased about them or any other features, she already has a solid foundation that they are big yet beautiful.  My point is, we should love our features and accept them for making us who we are and pass that on to our children.

With this look, I wanted to style this comfortable high low fit and flare shirt dress so I paired it with a few blue pieces being the blue bow heels and bag to match.  This fit and flare dress is so easy to wear comfortable and can be dressed up or down.  Hope you like, thanks for viewing!
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STYLE & THOUGHTS: Striped 2 piece & the importance of reading!

Trousers and blouse- New York & Company (Here, Here, Similar, Similar), Heels- Shoe dazzle (Similar, Similar).

No Monday blues here, just some colorful stripes.  Happy new week! So I attended a fun blogger get together this past weekend and it made me think of what I want to continue sharing on my blog . Yes I’ll still continue to share a lot of style posts, some mommy posts but I also want to incorporate some other important things I think about.     

For example, I’ve been thinking of how little people are reading books, news papers or listening to reliable news sources besides just social media.  People down play education but don’t get it twisted it’s important.  Fewer people are going to libraries and getting newspapers and I hope these don’t slowly fade away.  I want to eventually take Ella to a library and pick out some books, read and return. I think this generation can tell you the name of every Kardashian but someone I had chatted with didn’t realize Italy was in Europe and not to mention all the innocently ignorant questions I get about Africa.  One thing I dislike but I choose to be patient with is when people refer to Africa like it's one country and don't realize it's a huge continent with different races, cultures, religions,languages and more.  Some used to ask questions like are there cars there or think every African is like what they see on national geographic of some remote villagers with piercings under their mouths with little clothing on.  Yes there are mansions in Africa, wealthy people, roads, trains, luxury cars etc but the opposite exists also.  I pray for this continent with undistributed wealth and such potential to be greater than it is and for better leadership.  

Anyway I'll get back on track of the focus of this post being the importance of reading and simply just educating our selves and families especially in an age where social media has such a huge presence and seems to be everywhere you turn.  I also see how some even try to "downplay" the importance of education and talk about quick social media entrepreneurship, wealth and for some fame.  Yes it can happen to some, the wealth and fame from social media but not for most.  And nothing with trying to get to any through this avenue but you can still do that while educating yourself.  One thing I know is, knowledge from reading has stood the test of time and will continue to do so for we do not know the future of social media and such.  The point is, keep reading and gaining knowledge on important issues

About the outfit, I loved the relaxed feel of the wide leg trousers and off the shoulder blouse.  As I have mentioned in the past, co-ord 2 piece outfits are great when you just want to put a quick outfit together without thinking of other pieces to pair with although both pieces can be paired with other items.  I also added white heels to keep the look bright and summery.  Hope you like it and thanks for reading!.    
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Style: Blush Romper!

Romper- Banana republic factory (Similar, Similar, Similar), Shoes- Gucci (Similar, Similar, love this), Bag- Louis Vuitton (Here, Here).

Happy new month guys! This year is going by so fast and I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way.  I am excited though about August because it's the month I became a mother so I will be doing some mommy posts soon.  What plans do you have for the rest of the year? I have some goals I am still working on so I plan to continue on with those as well as maybe some travel and rest.  Keep working on those goals guys!!

About this look, the older I get and just becoming a mother makes me pick shorts and rompers that tend to be a bit longer so when I saw this I loved the fit and length. I thought to pair it with blush pink heels too and because I didn't have a blush bag to keep the look monochromatic, I paired it with a print I feel is almost like a neutral, the LV print.  Hope you like, thanks for viewing!

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