Striped Duster/Kimono!

Duster- NY&Co (Similar, Similar, Similar, SimilarSimilar), Tank top- H&M (Here), Jeans- H&M  (Here), Heels- Steve Madden (Similar, SimilarSimilar).

Hope you are having a good week! Tomorrow is my hubby Jason's birthday and in a few weeks also will be his first fathers day so I am currently searching for a great gift for him because he deserves so much.  Not only is he a wonderful father, not only my husband but my friend.  I do have to say that although a great gift is nice, the little gestures that can be done like even leaving a written note to show appreciation are even better in my opinion.

About this look, I simply wanted to style this striped duster/kimono and to keep the focus on it so I paired it with black denim, a tank top and although I felt I could've paired the duster with a variety of heels/colors, I paired it with the blue turquoise heels because the duster had turquoise on it and I have had the shoes for years and never wore them and thought why not now.  By the way I think dusters can be worn by all body types and easy to just throw on over a look to add a flare.  Hope you like the look, thanks for stopping by!

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