Pink on Pink!

Shorts- NY &Co (Similar, Similar), Top- NY & Co (Here, Similar), Bag- Gucci (Here), Heels- Ted Baker (SimilarSimilar, Similar)

Happy new month! I love shorts but wearing these shorts really made me realize how little weight I have lost since having my baby and that I have to put in effort to get back to my pre-baby weight or close to where I'd prefer to be.  Although I'm in this state of mind and aware of some of my insecurities, I still feel confident to wear shorts and other items of clothing I've always liked.  I think ultimately confidence comes from within and we should remember that. 

About this look, I simply wanted to do an all pink look so I paired the pink top to the pink shorts, pink floral heels, and added the nude bag because frankly I didn't have a pink bag I wanted to use.  Hope you like the look and thanks for stopping by! 

 photo signature_zps294981ab.png


  1. This color compliments you nicely.

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  2. Happy new month babe... you look absolutely fine. Enjoy the thickness with having a baby that how am dealing with this extra weight on me. The shorts really do compliment you and I love the colour. Enjoy May

    1. Thank you so much lovely! we really should just be enjoying our blessings, our babies and all else that comes with it like you said rt haha. Anyway congrats again and thanks for stopping by!x

  3. You look so beautiful! I love the bright colour and it looks so good against your skin. You paired perfectly with those heels and wow are your legs gorgeous... and that hair!! So pretty! ;) x x x