Dressing Down a White Suit!

Blazer- JC Penney (Here), Trousers- JCPenney (Here), Tshirt-old  (Similar, Similar), Shoes- Justfab (Similar, Similar), Bag- Bloomingdales (Similar, Similar), Hat- Topshop (Similar).

Hello and hope you are having a lovely Sunday? did you watch the royal wedding like almost everyone it seemed?  I watched a part of it and I have to say I loved watching and wish them a successful marriage. I don't think marrying a biracial girl ends racism as one stated but it's a step in the right direction so I'll celebrate it.  I think this  couple just shows anything is possible with her being a 30 something, half black divorced lady, basically it's ok to dream.

About this look, I love a suit and love white for spring/summer so I love having this suit.  I wanted to style it more casually so I paired it with the t-shirt, flat brogues and added the hat.  This can be styled in so many ways including heels and more colors.  Hope you like, and thanks for viewing!

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Denim & White!

Heels- Justfab (Similar, Similar), Jumpsuit- NY&Co (Here, Similar), Bag- Reed Krakoff (HereSimilar).

Hello and thanks for stopping by! This last week reminded me to always think of a back up plan or option. It's not to say not to have faith because we should rely on God but we cannot always rely on our fellow individuals.  I had a situation that made me happy I had a back up plan when it was needed so to keep that in mind.

Anyway about this look, when you think of somethings you'll be wearing in the spring and even summer, I think some of you will say some sort of denim year round and whites. White heels area bit trendy and scary for some to pull off but I think they are not to be feared as long as it's worn in a classy way and I think pairing it with denim is one way.  Also, denim can be worn year round and for warmer months, a light chambray-denim look like this works because it's a light material and a relaxed fit.  I simply added a white bag to complement the whole look.  Hope you like!

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Pink on Pink!

Shorts- NY &Co (Similar, Similar), Top- NY & Co (Here, Similar), Bag- Gucci (Here), Heels- Ted Baker (SimilarSimilar, Similar)

Happy new month! I love shorts but wearing these shorts really made me realize how little weight I have lost since having my baby and that I have to put in effort to get back to my pre-baby weight or close to where I'd prefer to be.  Although I'm in this state of mind and aware of some of my insecurities, I still feel confident to wear shorts and other items of clothing I've always liked.  I think ultimately confidence comes from within and we should remember that. 

About this look, I simply wanted to do an all pink look so I paired the pink top to the pink shorts, pink floral heels, and added the nude bag because frankly I didn't have a pink bag I wanted to use.  Hope you like the look and thanks for stopping by! 

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