Shades of Pinks & Lavenders!

Skirt- NY& Co (similar), Heels- Christian louboutin (similar/budget friendly here), Blouse- H&M (love this, similar), Bag- Gucci.

Hope your weekend went well! Before I get to the outfit, I wanted to share something that happened last week which made me happy.  I had recently taken a CPR course required by my job and had saved some brief parts to share on my ig stories just as a reminder for parents, friends, others the importance of basic CPR as this can save someone's life from a family member to a stranger.  I was hesitant to share this on my ig because sometimes I don't want to come off as "too medical" as I try to keep this a more style/beauty/mommy blog but I decided to share because I am trying to do what I think is best for me even if I think others will say whatever.  I shared it and approximately a week later, a follower who is a mother wrote me letting me know her baby had been choking and she had remembered what I had shared and was thanking me for sharing it and possibly saving her life.  I think the point here is we can manage to find ways to put different aspects of our lives in one in what we share if we think it could be for good and to go with our instincts.  I'll share her message to me on my ig story.  This is definitely going to be one of my highlights of 2018.

About this look, I wanted a fresh, springy look and with the pink/lavenders, I thought to add the nude heels and bag.  I think using a colorful shoe would've worked also but I wanted the pinks to pop so I added neutrals.  Hope you like and thanks for reading!
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  1. The gold buttons detailing on the skirt is everything! Looking Good!

    1. Thank you so much namesie and thanks for stopping by! i loved the buttons too.

  2. It looks like styling is especially for you