Motherhood: 5 Things I have Used the Least few months into Motherhood!

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Hello! So a few months into motherhood and I'm loving it although it's true as they say it's a challenging job. I wanted to use this post to share just five things I have realized that I hardly use or I have personally not utilized very much but have around the house.  It's not to say others don't use it much, but I have just not used these very much or at all so far.

1) Bottle warmers: some may use it a lot and although convenient, I have found that doing her bottles the good old fashioned way has been my go to method of heating up water and placing bottle in there for some time and testing the milk on the back of my hands for safe temperature.

2) Baby bath robes: I have a few of these and as cute as they are, I have just not used them very much.  I think I just don't keep her in the bath robe to just hang out because once I remove her clothing for a bath, she is bathed immediately and after the bath, I wrap her in a towel and dress her quickly so she doesn't get cold.

3) Teething toys: First of all I can tell you that teething medicines, necklaces are not recommended and not safe but some of the plastic teether toys that can be used, I have just not used them with her much.  It seems she uses her pacifier like one and has just not liked those very much so I don't even reach for them.

4) Baby wipe warmer: This seems like it would be convenient and although some might use it especially in colder areas, I have yet to use mine.  When I am changing a wet or dirty diaper, I just want to rush and get her clean so waiting to heat up the wiper is not something I have used and she tolerates the non warm wipes just fine.

5) Fancy, pricey shoes and clothing: Although this is nice and you might have them wear it once in a while maybe for church or holidays like Christmas, my baby like most are usually in comfortable onesies with the feet covered with or without sleeves.  These are just comfortable, easy to wash, none or minimal ironing required, and often times not pricey which is great because they outgrow their clothing and shoes fast.  I can say that I have worn shoes on my baby maybe 4 times and she has a few in her wardrobe.

If you are a mother, did you find any of these to be true for you too? Anyway, i'll be sharing more posts like this and let me know if there is something you'd like me to blog about on motherhood.  Thanks for stopping by!
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