Motherhood: lalabu Soothe Shirt!

Hello, so with motherhood I’m finding some new products that are helping with the process and this is one of them.  I was gifted the lalabu baby soothe shirt and they had no requests for me except to share a picture if I wanted to and because I liked it, I decided to do a quick review too.  

When I was contacted by them, I was curious about the name lalabu because sometimes names have their meanings and this one did too and I loved its ties to Africa being African myself. I also love that a percentage of the sales goes towards a great cause and you can read about it more on their website here.

I’ll start with the packaging because I’m a sucker for cute packaging and this one did not disappoint.  The quality of the tank is great, it’s soft yet firm that you’d feel more confident knowing your baby would be secure in it instead of some flimsy, cheap fabric.  I was a bit worried Ella would might not be happy in there not because she might not be comfortable but because she might not be used to be in carriers since I haven’t put her in one very much. To my surprise, she was comfortable and just sucked her finger in it.  I loved her being so close to me.  It does have a weight requirement of approximately 7 to 15 pounds and I have to say Ella was slightly above this but still fit in it.  It does recommend placing a hand to support baby as well. 

In the summer you can pair it with any bottoms and in the colder weather, you can add a sweater like I did or a jacket/coat.  

The only recommendation I’d say is if you are in between sizes, especially with post baby weight, to go up a size.  

It comes in other colors and lalabu has other products like leggings and also products for dads so check them out here

(All opinions are mine but this was gifted and appreciated).
Thanks for reading!

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  1. thanks so much for the lovely review! we are so glad you and Ella liked the Soothe Shirt. xo! - the Lalabu Team