Birthday Suit & thoughts 2017!

Blazer- H&M (Here), Trousers- H&M (Here), Bag- Melie Bianco (Similar), Heels- Macy's (Similar), Lashes/Makeup- Ojitos bonitos (Here), photography- L& R photography.

Hello, and thank you all for all the birthday wishes.  Another birthday year has come and gone and if you follow me on instagram or facebook, you'll know when I say this year has been adventurous but the best year yet and I am grateful.  Moving forward, I'll share 5 things I have learned by my birthday or things that struck me this bday year.
1) As the quote states and I'll explain, whatever does not serve me, grows me, or makes me happy (job, friendships, forced family interactions etc) I will let go and you should think about doing the same.  I am reminded more each day that life is short and to have things that only produce some sort of satisfaction whether it's good deeds, friendships, jobs and more.
2) You inspire those that pretend not to see you.  I saw this statement on Instagram and thought it was true as a general statement not pertaining to me per say.  I do have to say though that I appreciate those of you who write me and ask questions about nursing school, the doctoral program, furthering education, blogging inquiries etc.  It’s a part of the reason why I blog but I’m always amazed by some who act like they don’t see what I’m doing, never like, comment or even acknowledge me but do watch closely and some copy (copying is ok to me though, it’s flattery after all but at least an acknowledgement is a good gesture).  Some criticize behind but I know are being inspired by something or something resonates, even something small I might share or repost.  I think we should be aware of our lives because we just might be inspiring someone might not let you know they are being inspired.
3)  Motherhood is the hardest job, the most rewarding and my favorite job ever because besides receiving the purest unconditional love, it brings out love from you which you didn’t know existed.  I’ll write more on this on another motherhood blog post.  I am grateful for this role. 
4)  My mother is my best friend but that’s not to say having a few quality friends is not appreciated.  The older I get, and from becoming a mother, I realize how much love my mother has and has always had for me even when she stopped me from certain things, it was always for my best interest. She only wants the best for me and is my biggest cheerleader, support, secret keeper, and so much more.  That’s not to say that having a few quality friends is not appreciated because it is. We should always remember quality over quantity and as I get older each year, I’m reminded of this more as we grow apart from some, our interests change or we just finally get to see the true colors of some and move along.
5) I look around social media and some tv shows now and all I see are what I feel are bad examples, bad role models and all this being rewarded it seems.  It appears the more outrageous, vile, trashy, rude, non believers, class-less acting “ghetto” you act, it seems you are kept on the show longer, or given a spin off.  Education, manners, morals, and good role models are not highlighted for the impressionable ones to look up to.  I refuse to fall into this and I had to write this to encourage others to remember that although not always highlighted, some things have always been and will always be important and we should do our part towards maintaining it.  To mention a few a few, these are education, having morals, good manners, just striving to be a good person in a world full of so many wannabe “bad asses”.

For my birthday, I wanted something different from a dress and went for a suit.  The quality of this suit is great especially for the price by the way.  Normally I might've paired it with black or another colored heels but thought to make it more vibrant for a bday look and kept the look in all red.  I was also gifted with lashes from a friend who's an amazing makeup artist with her own lash line and thought what better day to try them because I usually don't do false lashes for the thought that they are uncomfortable.  To my surprise, these were comfortable, very easy to apply and can be worn over 20 different times.  You should check out the lashes here.  Thank you again for all the birthday love and for stopping by!

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  1. Well said Yvonne. I cannot agree with you more. It's true i have noticed those who pretend they donot see are those who usually get inspired. It is quite easy to pick those kinds of people out. There is usually no other reason but jealousy and envy. The sky is so wide there are enough blessings to go round.I sometimes wonder why some people act in that manner.
    We are all created uniquely.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can relate.
    Happy Birthday


  2. You inspire those who pretend not to see you! Love that and when i think about it its actually true.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by and I'm glad to hear you think it's true :)