MOTHERHOOD: 5 Things I Experienced during Pregnancy I was Unaware of!

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Motherhood has been such a joy to me in too many ways and looking at a picture like this makes me miss pregnancy afterall it was the closest I was to my baby.  Although the experience of pregnancy is one I am thankful for, I wanted to share just a few things that occurred to me during my pregnancy that I was unaware would happen but some of you might've known better.  I share this just in case it happens to you too but I'll always advise to check with your physician or medical provider with any occurrences.  Some of the occurrences included this 5.

1) Excessive spitting and salivation- This mainly occurred within the first 20 weeks and it was gross for lack of better words.  I would spit into anything and anywhere.  If I did not have something to spit into, I'd make it work.  For example, if I was driving and needed to spit and I did not have a container for that, I'd use my jacket (wash later) or open a new bottle of water, spit into it and throw away of course.  I had an empty bottle in my office drawer for spitting which was gross and went on until it stopped.  I'll later share some of the things that helped me with this on another post.

2) Darkening of my stomach, face, and a few other areas-  I was aware of the line (linea nigra) which appears on your abdomen eventually during pregnancy but was unaware that the abdomen and face  like mine could just get darker. I found that this happened later on in the pregnancy at over 34 weeks.  The good news is, in my case I see that my coloration is getting back to being more even.

3) Back acne- Or 'backne' as my husband and I jokingly referred to.  I can say so far I've been blessed with fairly acne-free skin so this was a surprise to me.  I'd heard that some people would break out with acne on their face during pregnancy but I was unaware of the back one.  It was a lot and not pleasant but my hubby and I would just laugh at it and I hoped it'd go away which thankfully it did clear up.  I would laugh and just say, well atleast it's not on my face, I said this in trying to find a positive in the situation. 

4) Increase in my feet size- This would've made me unhappy if not of the constant reminder to myself of the gift I was carrying which was better than any shoe collection.  It did bother me a tiny bit because if you know me, you'll know I have a lot of shoes in my opinion.  So the thought of a bigger foot meant to me that I might not wear these shoes.  The truth is, during my pregnancy I did not do much as far as occasions which required many shoes anyway and now post pregnancy, my feet are getting back to what they were although maybe still a teeny tiny bigger.

5) Sweating and excess of other bodily fluids- Excessive sweating in more areas than others, so much that I had to ask my doctor.  She discussed this with me and because she was aware of my history and had been tracking my labs, she reassured me.  Besides sweating, there was more of other bodily fluids besides saliva that was a surprise to me.  I'll let you use your imagination here because I'd prefer not to be too specific haha.  Thankfully this was only for a few weeks and stopped.

I plan on sharing some information on my motherhood journey and my pregnancy experience on some blog posts so if interested, just watch for it.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. That’s motherhood for you. When I had my first one I had some rude awakening so am just ignoring them as they appear now. I have never experienced the spitting before ( thank God) but everything else is normal in pregnancy language.

  2. Haha rude awakening is a right way to state it, you are right it's motherhood. Thank you for stopping by beautiful and hope you are feeling well with your pregnancy now!xx

  3. Just watch a blogger updates I didn't know post birth your bump and Baja can still be hurting bc of the push. So sitting us a problem. News to me! Well done God bless you Mum's

  4. I need to watch it, and there's a lot I didn't know either haha anyway thanks so much for stopping by!! Thanks you

  5. I was 6 months pregnant but I had to face different kinds of complicity . It was just because I did not prepare any kind of pregnancy planning. So I would like to recommend every women to have a planning for the pregnancy.