STYLE: Cropped & High Waisted!

Sweater- old/ Express (SimilarSimilar), Trousers- H&M (Similar, Similar), Heels- Christian Louboutin (Similar), Necklace- old (Similar).

Hello, and hope your week is going ok.  This look with a crop sweater can be intimidating to wear by some because of the possibility of an exposed stomach especially post-baby for me and although this look was shot pre-baby, I think it can be worn post baby with a much higher waist item like a skirt or trousers.  This look is an execution of paring high waist trousers with a crop top and keeping the look in all black.  Thanks for stopping by!  

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STYLE: A Dress Customized to your Preference!

Dress- Eshakti (SimilarSimilar, Similar, love this here), Heels- Just fab (Here, Similar).

Hello, so I wanted to share this look which was another outfit shot before I had my baby but never blogged because as I'd previously stated, I was occupied with school terrible morning actually all day sickness for some time.  I'll write more on this on a future motherhood post.  Anyway this outfit was gifted by eshakti and I love that it's customizable and I was able to pick how I wanted the sleeves, the length of the dress, pockets and even the print on the dress.  The dress is so well tailored and the delivery was fast.  Although gifted, I'm entitled to my opinion and I can say that I loved the dress.  I believe that a fit and flare style like this is great for different body types especially when you are more voluptuous in the hips/thigh/butt area and want to be subtle. Thanks for stopping by! 
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STYLE: Layered Knit!

Shoes- Casadei (Here, budget friendly here), Shirt- H&M (Similar), Bag- Chanel (budget friendly here), Dress- local boutique (Similar).
Hello and thank you for viewing and reading especially since I have been absent from blogging for some time.  I'm not sure if you are aware but if not, I am now a mother and could not be any happier about this new role.  I am trying to figure out how to incorporate motherhood into my blog, whether to have a designated motherhood area or just include it with my style posts.  In the mean time until it's figured, I wanted to share some photos which were taken PRE-baby but never blogged about because I got sick with the pregnancy and took some time off blogging which I'll discuss on another post.  Before I do a post on motherhood, I'll briefly state that it's true when they say motherhood changes you.  I will eventually blog on some of these changes but I love it, sleepless nights and all. It's shown me how to truly love wholeheartedly and unconditionally.  Yesterday, she was pooping and it squirted on me, and my dress and I looked at her and just laughed and wiped off that poop with love.  It's making me not to take life too seriously, and become self less with her which affects my decisions because my daughter (my family) will always come first.   

Anyway I loved this knit/sweater dress because the knit stretches and can fit almost every body type.  I decided to keep this look with some wardrobe staples, classic pieces that do not go out of style and every woman should have in their closet.  Some of these pieces are classic black heels, button up shirt, a nice black bag.  There are other classic closet staples  but these are the ones included in this look.  Thanks for stopping by!    
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