A Shirt Dress in Burgundy, Maroon, Oxblood, Wine, all the same!

 "The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go"

Heels- ASOS (Similar), Dress- JC Penney (sale Here), Bag- Celine (Similar, Similar).
Hello there! I like this quote because it reminds of the fact that sometimes in our lives, letting go of certain "dead" friendships, relationships, jobs, even dead ends on our hair is necessary and ok for newer connections, new growth, new opportunity just like the trees do as the season changes.
I chose to pair this quote with this burgundy (also called maroon, wine, oxblood) look because it is one of my fall looks as the season is changing although not quite cold yet.  Burgundy appears to be huge this season and I love the color and think it's one every one can wear.  I also love shirt dresses so I liked this but wished it was lined.  Regardless, I liked the simplicity and non fitted look of it and thought to pair it with the chunky heels thinking it somehow went well with the bow detail.  When colder, adding thick tights and boots is an option.  Thanks for visiting!
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  1. What a beautiful dress, and it looks so pretty on you. I love bungurdy also. You blog is pretty neat. I will be visiting often.

  2. Thank you very much and please visit anytime;)