"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"

Hope your week is going ok! We recently had what I'd call some racial tension in the US from the shootings of the black men by cops and the tragic cop shooting incident in Dallas.  I won't go into it here because I already shared my opinion on instagram but all I'll say is the incidents are all tragic and should not happen.  As a result of this, many opinions have been formed.  I'll  only add like the above quote stated, we have to do our part today to make a difference.  It's easy to say my one little action won't change anything but we all have to start somewhere towards making a change even with simple acts of kindness with strangers. 
Today I styled these distressed overalls also called pinafore or dungarees by some.  I've had them for a while and truthfully I always liked overalls because they reminded me of some I wore as a child.  I chose to dress them up for a more matured look since my memory of them were always child-like.  To accomplish that, I added heels, and oversized clutch, a shirt and the fun glasses.  

Shirt- H&M (Similar), Overalls- gift/old (Similar), Heels- Christian Louboutin (Here, Budget Friendly Here), Clutch- Forever 21 (Similar), Glasses- Aldo/old (Similar).  
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Royal Blue X 2!

" You can't live a positive life with a negative mind"
Hello! So I've decided to start each new blog post with some quotes I like because I find quotes to be inspiring or just remindful of certain things.  Even if you get nothing from the blog post, maybe the quote will trigger something in you.  I started with the above quote today because it's easier said than done.  I think the least we can do is be aware and try to be more positive in our thinking and outlook for a more positive life and even when things are bad, just think it could've been worse.  When you think that it could've been worse, I feel we become slightly more positive.
Anyway about this look, I restyled this skirt and because I wanted to pair it with the same colored royal blue top, I added almost no jewelry keeping the focus on the heels, bag and the color.  This is definitely one of my favorite colors and I think every skin color can wear it.
Skirt- old/ASOS (Similar, Similar), Blouse- Windsor (Similar), Heels- Gucci (Similar), Bag- Tory Burch (Similar). 
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