Vest & Culottes!

Culottes- Zara (Similar), Shirt- H&M (Similar), Vest- NY & Co (love this here), Heels- ASOS (SimilarSimilar).

Hope your week is going great.  I was just thinking of how I'd been chatting with an acquaintance the other day and she was telling me how stressed she'd been and what she had been going through and minutes after our conversation, I overheard someone ask how she was and she said good.  It just made me think that we should all make a conscious effort to at the minimum try to be nice to others because we never know what they could be going through.  Just being nice helps to not add to their load per say.  It's not always easy to always be nice which is why I said try.

About this look, I shopped my closet and decided to style this vest, a piece I'd had for years but never worn.  I think vests are classic and come in so many styles.  Being a classic item, I chose to pair it with a classic white shirt but for a minor twist, added more trendy pieces with the faux leather culottes and chunky heels.  Hope you like and thanks for stopping by!
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Sheer Maxi!

Skirt- Windsor (Here, Similar), Shirt- H&M (Here), Necklace- Purple Peridot ( Similar), Clutch- BCBG (Similar Love).
Hope all is going well on your end! I recently took two weeks off blogging to catch up on some other endeavors and the result of my short time off is one of several reasons why I like social media and blogging although I have moments when I dislike it.  In the two weeks of not posting, I had some of my instagram blogger friends text and directly message me to check on me.  To most this might be a small gesture but to me, the gesture was sweet, thoughtful, and greatly appreciated.  I feel I have truly connected with some on social media as friends, as much as one can be friends with another even without ever meeting... although if I traveled to where they are located, I'd reach out to get together.  I have done this with a few in the past and was not disappointed.
Anyway with this outfit, I paired this sheer maxi skirt which I love because although long and covered up, the sheerness is a fun twist.  I chose to add a pop of color with the necklace and clutch and added some of my favorite closet items, a white shirt and classic black heels.  Thanks for stopping by! 
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