Lace & a Tee!

Skirt-ASOS (Similar, Here High end Here)), T-shirt- T&J Designs (Here), Heels- Christian Louboutin (Here), Bag-Zara (Here).
Hello! So as I looked at these pictures, I noticed some of my scars and one of the scars on my legs caught my attention because although scars are often thought of as not the best, this scar always reminds me of when I got it which was a happy memory.  I was in Cameroon at the time, younger and had been having fun, stress free when I got injured and it scarred.  I have other scars, some from a medical procedure and although I have a love/hate relationship with most of my scars, one for example makes me happy because the surgical procedure from a cyst removal was a success.  Not all scars bring back bad memories, sometimes we have to think of the good that came from the scar or the good that was occurring that resulted in a scar.

With this look I wanted to add a casual T-shirt with a more dressy lace skirt.  I think one way to dress down a piece of clothing like lace, is to add a T-shirt and one with a funny print is even better.  I just added black heels and black bag to the look.  Oh and the tied up t-shirt look was literally done by a lady walking by who came up to me and thought to try the look with the t-shirt tied up for a fun look haha  [By the way these pictures were taken from almost a year ago but thought to share afterall]
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  1. Beautiful outfit! That lace skirt is a dream. Have a great day!
    Christina ♥

  2. Still Fabulous!