Neutrals & Ankara!

Shirt- H&M (Here), Heels- Christian Louboutin (Here), Skirt- Custom (Ankara fabric sewn, Similar), Bag- Miachael Kors (Here).
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Hello! So for this post, I thought to talk about gifting because the fabric of this skirt was actually gifted to me and I was initially unsure of what I'd do with it but decided recently to have a skirt and blouse sewn which I've styled separately wearing the skirt for todays' post.  Sometimes I stress about getting the right gift for someone and actually wish there was a gift registry for other celebrations besides baby showers and weddings.  Although I stress about this, I often have to remind myself that there is no such thing as a bad gift and that it's the thought that counts.  I know I know that's hard to remember sometimes especially with gifts from someone close to you but it's necessary to think that.  Besides, if you don't love the gift, get creative with it or re-gift, I'm a believer in re-gifting because someone else might love it.
I wanted the focus to stay on the high waist ankara skirt (african inspired fabric skirt) and simply added neutral colors with the bag, shirt and shoes to complete the look. Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. I love your style! You always look like you stepped right out of a magazine. Where did you have the skirt made? It's gorgeous!

  2. Aww that's sweet, thank you!! A tailor in town made it for me;)

  3. Beautiful look! Love the skirt!
    Christina ♥

  4. Yvonne, this skirt is amazing! What a great gift and it made the perfect skirt! It's such a pretty piece and looks beautiful on you.

    xo, jackie

  5. Executive Dressing with an Elegant twist is perfect on You. Enjoy!

  6. When I saw this reposted from one of the page I follow I really wanted to redo it on my way will try to make it looks like yours but differently I really love it you always on point.