Leather Culottes in the Spring!

Top- Dillards (Similar, Similar), Black Shoes- ASOS (SimilarSimilar), Pink Heels- Gucci (Similar), Culottes- Zara (Similar, Similar).
Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend, if you celebrate it like me, it's of great significance and a joyful day and if you don't celebrate, hope you at least enjoyed seeing the pastel colors and the kids having fun with the eggs and all.  I was chatting with an older family friend recently who told me what she gave up for Easter.  She said her preacher had recently said many people give up something for lent (Easter time) that benefits them, like giving up sweets for their weight loss but explained that the preacher said although there is nothing wrong with giving up something for you, it's even better to give up something that benefits others too which I thought was great.
About this look, I carried culottes and leather into the spring and simply paired them with a green and black top adding these fun chunky heels.  Thanks for visiting!
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Neutrals & Ankara!

Shirt- H&M (Here), Heels- Christian Louboutin (Here), Skirt- Custom (Ankara fabric sewn, Similar), Bag- Miachael Kors (Here).
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Hello! So for this post, I thought to talk about gifting because the fabric of this skirt was actually gifted to me and I was initially unsure of what I'd do with it but decided recently to have a skirt and blouse sewn which I've styled separately wearing the skirt for todays' post.  Sometimes I stress about getting the right gift for someone and actually wish there was a gift registry for other celebrations besides baby showers and weddings.  Although I stress about this, I often have to remind myself that there is no such thing as a bad gift and that it's the thought that counts.  I know I know that's hard to remember sometimes especially with gifts from someone close to you but it's necessary to think that.  Besides, if you don't love the gift, get creative with it or re-gift, I'm a believer in re-gifting because someone else might love it.
I wanted the focus to stay on the high waist ankara skirt (african inspired fabric skirt) and simply added neutral colors with the bag, shirt and shoes to complete the look. Thanks for stopping by!
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Dress Over Denim!

Shirt dress- Express (Here), Jeans- Topshop (Similar)- Bow heels- Just fab (Similar), Booties- NY&Co (Similar).
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Hello! Hope you are having a productive week.  I was just thinking of how much I have to do this week and found myself making a 'to do' list and wondered if others do this also.  I personally think making a to do list helps me with organization, it aids with staying focused on what I need to get done that day, week or month.  As much as I like writing these on cute notebooks, they don't always come in handy so I use the notepad on my phone too and feel that a to do list is an easy way to remember to accomplish small or big daily tasks.  If you don't do this, try it sometime.

With this look I paired one of my favorite shirt dresses over jeans for a different take on shirt dresses but kept the look simple in black and white yet wearing different fun shoes.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Say Hello To My Little Owl!

Skirt- Old (Similar, Similar), Shirt- Sears (Similar), Bag- Phillip Lim (Here), Sweater- Old Navy (Similar), Heels- Casadei (Similar).
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Hello and happy international womens' day week. I feel like I should say this because women deserved to be celebrated with every given chance.  Speaking of chances, I recently started a new job and took a chance with it but I must say I love it although I don't expect it to be flawless.  I liked my previous job but this gives me more of what I need in my life presently as far as scheduling and other benefits.  I have to admit to having  mixed feelings with change because it can be scary learning new things and going into the unfamiliar but I also know that change can sometimes be a good thing.  If we don't take a chance and make a change, you don't know what could be.  I'm all for going with your instincts and when you feel it's time for a change, try it.  It helps you grow, makes you more flexible, meet new people, learn more, and other positives can come out of it.
This outfit is actually a work inspired outfit.  I work in pediatrics and on my first day of my new job I wore this outfit knowing that in the past, my little patients have loved the owl on the sweater and it's been a good conversation starter which eases their anxiety of being at the clinic.  I accented the yellow on the owl with the yellow skirt and added black to complete the look.  Thanks for reading!
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Blue Bodycon!

Dress (Similar, Similar), Heels- Christian Louboutin (Here).
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Hello and happy new month! Another year flying by it seems, can't believe it's March already.  So did you watch the Oscar awards over the weekend? I watched parts of it but caught the fashion on some of our favorite celebrities mainly online.  Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington, Priyanka Chopra, Lady Gaga, Kate Winslet were some of my female best dressed.  I always think the men dressed up look great ha. One of my highlights of the night besides Chris Rock addressing the "white wash" of the Oscars which I will address more on next weeks blog post, and another was Leonardo DiCaprio winning the Oscar award for the Revenant.  I thought it was deserved,  a long time coming because he is so talented and my favorite actor.  I think the take away for me from Leonardo finally winning is that, you never give up and just keep giving your best in whatever you do even when you are not "awarded" and eventually it will be in whatever capacity.
I thought this post with this dress was appropriate since I discussed the Oscar awards and since I'd worn this dress to a party and loved its simplicity, I decided to use it for blog pictures too.  I don't wear a lot of bodycon styles but if I wear them, I prefer a longer or more covered up style because being a bodycon, it is already fitted, sexy, and stands out alone.  I wanted to keep the look simple but added a few accessories and planned on silver heels but could not find a pair and ended up with the black pair.  Hope you like it, and thanks for viewing!
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