Florals, an option for Valentines!

Hope you are having a great week.  Can't believe it's already valentines day week, which just means this month seems to be going by fast.  Speaking of valentines day, what do you all think of this day? Some say it's a day that is just commercialized and that there shouldn't be just one day a year to celebrate love.  I agree with that but I also think that it's one more day to celebrate love and show it whether with gestures, gifts, extra hugs etc.  I do think love should be celebrated every day but I think there is nothing wrong with a more vocalized designated day for extras.

About this outfit, I wanted to feature an outfit with red or pink like this because red is a color associated with love and it's a valentines day post afterall haha.  I liked the baby doll look, colors and patterns but because the dress is a bit short, I thought to add the long sleeve shirt so the top and bottom halves are not both exposed.  I considered adding tights and black boots because of the length but thought that could be done for another non valentines day post and to do red heels instead.  Thanks for stopping by and wish you a lovely valentines day! 

Heels- Jessica Simpson (Similar), Dress- Local Boutique (SimilarSimilar), Shirt- H&M (Here).

[ps: Excuse the lines on my legs/thighs if noticeable, it's from the leggings I'd been wearing]

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  1. This is such a cute dress, I love the floral print and colour! You look fantastic hun!
    Its funny, I go back and forth about my thoughts on Valentines day. On one had I think love should be celebrated all the time and not just this one day. But at the same time I think it can be nice to go that extra mile and show someone or others that they are loved :) I guess that really doesn't answer your question. lol

    xo, Jackie

    1. haha Jackie I know what you mean by going back and fourth, and thank you so much!

  2. Fantastic look! Love this dress and the styling is perfect :)

    Christina ♥

  3. Perfection for running with my compression socks! Fit is just as stated. Double seams, comfortable fit, crotch length is not to long or to short, nor is the Capri length. Will buy work out leggings again (hopefully in a smaller size next time!).