A Pink & Burgundy Pairing!

Hello, hope your week is going well.  I am currently transitioning from one job to another and so I'm presently not working but busy with all sorts of paperwork.  Leaving my job was hard but I knew it was time.  We come to a point where we either accept the way things are, or choose to make a change which I did.  I'm a firm believer in, if a certain situation is not best fitted for your life at that time for whatever reason,  then make a change.  Change is hard but sometimes it is necessary.
About this look, I simply restyled these burgundy culottes which are still appropriate for the colder seasons and paired them with matching burgundy heels, bag but added the pink jacket .  I wanted to keep the look bright and found that a pink and burgundy pairing works. Thanks for visiting!
Heels- Lulus (Similar, Similar), Culottes- ASOS (Similar), Shirt- Sears (Similar), Bag -Celine (Similar), Jacket- H&M (Similar, Similar).
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A Not So Rusty Start of 2016!

Happy new year!!!!! Sad the holidays are over because I personally love that cheery time of the year but also happy for a new year.  Like I wrote on Instagram, 2015 was a bit challenging for me in some ways but I am thankful for life and a chance to make 2016 better.  I spent the new year in a small village, mountain ski town with the hubby and family.  It was quiet and lovely and my highlight was winning $800 after putting in $20 in the slots machine at the local casino.  I'm not a gambler but when we are there which is not often, we usually try our luck for fun for a short period of time and this time I won on new years day so I thought, this is a good start to the new year.  I have no new year resolutions but a goal to either start something productive in some way, continue strong with something already started, or finish/accomplish any new goals set all while remembering to choose to be happy.  Do you have any new year resolutions?
Anyway about this look,  after seeing this similar outfit in the express ads, I loved the rust colored skirt and although I wanted to style it differently, I decided to do a similar styling from express except with different colors.  I love hats although I never wear them so with the new year, I decided to give in and wear one with this look and I think I'll do more styling with hats in the future.  I think a quick way to change up a look is by adding a hat.  Besides the hat being black, I kept the over the knee boots, bag and blouse all in black to keep the focus on the skirt with it's distinct color.  Thanks for reading!
Skirt-Express (Here), Blouse- Express (Here), Hat- H&M (Similar), Bag/sale- Express (Similar), Boots- Forever 21 (Here).
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