Leather & Lace!

Hello! it's thanksgiving week yay!! Besides looking forward to stuffing and pecan pie, my favorites as well as the rest of the food, I look forward to another opportunity to reflect and be thankful for another healthy year.  Do you have any thanksgiving traditions? I hope to have a tradition started when we have kids .  Presently, my hubby and I usually join my in-laws at the family cabin in Ruidoso village, NM for a tranquil weekend although it's a maybe this time.

For this look, I chose to pair the more colorful more delicate lace skirt with leather (faux) which is often thought of as tougher.  There is a Stevie Nicks song about leather and lace that I love so putting this look together made me think of it.  I added a colorful bag to match the skirt and kept the heels and peplum top in black.  Hope you like it.  Thanks for visiting and I wish you a blessed thanksgiving week/weekend.
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Skirt-Zara (Similar, Similar), Bag- Celine (Similar), Heels- Christian Louboutin (Here), Top- F21 (Similar).


Enveloped in Ankara!

Hello! I'm starting this week with a heavy heart for the recent victims in the Paris attacks.  My condolences goes out to their families.  With this happening, I saw a huge mention of this on social media (instagram, fb), every news coverage which is good to see so people are informed, but makes me ask the question why I have not seen this happening with all the violence and attacks caused by similar groups like Boko Haram in places like Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya (Africa), or even other bombings in areas like Beirut?!  We should be just as aware and outspoken of all these too.  So as everyone is saying pray for Paris which I agree, I say pray for Boko Haram victims, pray for victims of other attacks, pray for the world and pray for peace.

Speaking of Africa, this envelope printed fabric was given to me by my mom and I had it sewn into this peplum skirt.  The skirt is called ankara which is basically african inspired fabrics/prints/fashion.  I love that something thought of as traditional can be modernized as paired here.  Thanks for reading!

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Ankara Skirt- Custom made (Similar), Shirt- H&M (Here), Heels- Casadei (love), Necklace- Old (Similar).


Gold Accents!

Hello! so did you hear of the instagram personality Essena who reportedly had over 500,000 followers, was being paid well to advertise but recently quit social media stating anxiety and the "unrealness" of it and mentioned how just to post a picture, she would have it taken over 20 times just so it's perfect and hoped it'd be liked.  I recently saw tags of #socialmediaisnotreal as a reaction to this and I have to say, it's what you make of it.  Although I applaud her message, I say we have to remember people only show you what they want you to see on social media.  I can understand what she meant by trying to get a certain picture to post because I'd found myself at one point being caught up in wanting my picture a certain way and if it was not, I didn't like it.  This is unfortunate because it can take away from enjoying the moment.  Then I took a step back and remembered why I started blogging/instagram which was to unwind, a hobby to share my style and connect with others.  So if it does not serve this, then I'll stop.  I am now at a point where I don't stress too much about the picture, do not care for much editing (I share edited and unedited), and I'm at an I don't give a F*** attitude.  If I like it enough to share, I'm ok with it if it's liked or not.  Besides everyone can't be pleased.

With this outfit, I decided to pair this navy blazer with the blue patterned skirt as an outfit I could wear to work (with tights) but decided to enhance the gold details from the buttons with the necklace and bag for an outing.  I love blazers, they are definitely one of my closet staples.  I think they can be worn for work, casually or date night.  Thanks for reading!
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Heels- Casadei (Similar), Skirt- Express (Similar), Bag- Gift/Chanel (love), Tank top- Forever 21 (Similar), Blazer- Express (found in store, Similar), Necklace- Bauble Bar (Here).


Jumpsuits & Animal Prints into Fall!

Jumpsuit- Forever 21 (Here), Clutch- Purple Peridot Boutique (Here), Heels- BCBG (Here).

Hope you had a "spooktacular" halloween weekend!  I do not personally celebrate Halloween because I don't fully understand it and from what I know of it, from my religious (work in progress Christian) perspective, it's not one I would celebrate but I do like the pumpkins, seeing the costumes, giving out candy and watching all the cheesy Halloween movies which is what I did.  I think of it in a light hearted, fun, not so literal way.  I like this time of the year as it signifies the start of the holidays.

For this look, I dressed up a denim jumpsuit with nude heels and simply added the leopard clutch to match the heels yet adding a pop with a touch of a pattern/print.  By the way I love the quality of this F21 jumpsuit especially or the price, and also love that jumpsuits can be dressed up or down, worn in the summer or fall.  Don't you agree?! Thanks for reading!

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