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Hello! So I was sunscreen shopping yesterday since I just recently started consistently wearing it.  I never wore sunscreen although knowing it's importance especially being in the medical field.  I guess I never did for several reasons but one being the idea that darker skinned, don't need it as much which is false, and I knew.  Yes I might not sunburn as easily as my fair skinned friends, but darker skin can still get skin cancer or other sun caused skin damage. Because it's difficult for me to remember putting on moisturizer and a sunscreen separately, I choose to use a moisturizer with sunscreen already in it and would advise you to do same if like me and wear it year round.

With this look, I decided to pair a more casual T-shirt with this feminine flared skirt.  Although the T-shirt is casual and the skirt is not, I think the playful writing on the shirt "pop the champagne" and the girly skirt ties together.  Usually I'd keep the look in black and white, but I decided to add the red accents with the heels, necklace and bag just to add a pop of color.  Thanks for stopping by!

Photography: DeMoise Photography
Skirt- Express (Similar), T-shirt- T& J Designs (Here), Bag- Michael Kors (Here), Heels- Jessica Simpson/Dillards (Here), Necklace-old (Similar).
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  1. First off, I love the new name & look of your blog!!
    Loving all the pops of red, especially that bag👌 And your t-shirt is super cute.
    I never use to wear sunscreen either, I was ignorant. I just thought since I don't get sunburn, no need for sunscreen. That was several years ago but now I know better. Doesn't matter the shade of your skin, we are all susceptible to sun damage ( i.e skin cancer).

    xo, jackie

    1. I'm glad I was not the only one on the sunscreen issue but we now know better!And thanks so much!!xx

  2. this is awesome, been looking for this kind of bright red shoes, you really styled that skirt. love it

  3. Thank you Katia, the shoes were on a great sale too and surprisingly comfortable!!