White & Off White!

Having a good week I hope! I had my hair done last week and realized one thing about me which is, that I like the familiar.  There are so many hairstyles I love and would like to try but because change is not always what I opt for, I tend to stick with what I know which I don't think is always ok.  I think trying different things and taking chances is great and I'm trying to be more like that in some ways.

Speaking of taking chances, I did that with pairing white and ivory together for this look.  I just added the black heels and accessories.  They say not to wear white past labor day or something, a rule I laugh it.  I think there are no rules in fashion as long as it's tastefully put together.
Trousers- Zara (Similar), Shirt- H&M(here), Necklace- Purple Peridot (Here), Heels- Casadei (Similar).
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Burgundy into Fall!

Hope your week is going well! Sorry I had not posted in 2 wks, I was occupied.  Yesterday I watched Age of Adaline because I thought it'd be interesting since I'd read about it being about the idea not aging.  I loved it but it got me thinking if I or others would choose to stay at a certain age in their life, beautiful and not aging if they could? It would be tempting but I think not, for the simple fact that there is something about growing older with a family/spouse/friends/children etc.  Have you watched it and if so, what did you think?

About the look, I wanted to focus my outfit around my burgundy bag which I love.  Because of this, I added the burgundy culottes and kept the heels and shirt simple in black.  I think burgundy and culottes will be huge this fall----as I can see and just my guess.

Heels- Casadei (Similar), Culottes- ASOS (Similar), Bag- Celine (Here, Similar), Shirt- H&M (Here)
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Mustard & Fringe!

Happy new month! I just cannot believe how fast this year is going by.  I started the new month with re-certifying for my CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) course and it reminded of the importance of knowing basic CPR because simply stated, it can save a life with a few steps.  I wish more would be knowledgeable in this area and if interested, visit   

About this outfit, I have to admit to buying this dress after seeing it on a fellow blogger.  I loved the simplicity, color and when I saw the price, I had to get it.  It's simple yet chic and because of it's simplicity, it's like a plain canvas for several styling options.  This time, I chose to leave the dress as is and just add a black bold bag and these black fringe bold heels.  Thanks for viewing.

Bag- Phillip Lim (Here), Dress- Zara (Alternate color Here, Similar), Heels- Zara (Similar).
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