Feminine Pieces!

Hello! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I celebrated a friends birthday recently and while at brunch with her, I was thinking of how different we are but how our friendship works because we have come to a point through the years where we just accept each other for who they are.  She is the type who burps out loud, talks about personal "bathroom stuff", will talk about farts and I am farthest from that.  Besides behavior, our style, our thinking, etc are all different but I think the key is accepting the differences when the friendship love is there.

About my outfit, I paired this sheer panel skirt with bow heels.  I wanted to keep the look feminine and thought bows, a flared sheer skirt, florals,and classic bag would do that.  Thanks for visiting!

Skirt- Express(Similar), Blouse- Zara (Similar), Bag- Chanel (Similar, Budget friendly Similar), Heels- Justfab (Similar).
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White Jumpsuit!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.  I worked a bit over the weekend.  It's not something I always do but is done every now and then.  I was texting with a girl friend recently whom we had not communicated in some time and I was amazed at how easy it was to reconnect.  It got me thinking of a saying I'd seen on instagram which stated something like, "whatever has to be forced should just be left alone, whether it be friendships, ponytails etc".  Funny but true.  I think it should all feel natural, not forced.  We sometimes connect or "vibe" with some and sometimes don't and that's ok. 

With this look, I paired one of my favorite trends the jumpsuit with white/black heels and a black bag keeping the look simple yet with the color palette of the classic black and white.  Thanks for reading!
Heels- Forever 21 (Similar), Jumpsuit- Trend Society [local boutique] (Similar, Similar), Bag- Zara (Here).
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Denim on Denim & Neon!

Hello!! Had a nice weekend I hope.  While my hubby was going golfing over the weekend, I was thinking of what other hobby I'd like to undertake.  I consider blogging a hobby but want to add to it.  I thought of photography.  I love pictures whether it's in prints, magazines, I like taking pictures of others, things, although yes to many it's a surprise that I'm a blogger but I don't love having pictures of me taken.  I can be picky and because of that I tend to criticize myself in pictures but trying to be better.  Anyway I am looking to buy a nicer new camera and would love to learn more about photography, so much that I am considering taking a class.  I also plan on utilizing the tips shared with me by my friend/photographer who takes my blog pictures.  Any camera suggestions?

About this look, I decided to do a denim on denim look with a skirt instead of denim pants which I have done in the past and also decided to add neon accents being summer.  I think a denim on denim look has almost become like a classic.  Anyway thanks for viewing!
Bag-BCBG (Similar, Similar), Skirt- Macy's (Here, Similar), Shirt- Gap (Similar), Heels- Trend Society [local boutique] (Similar, Similar), Belt- Target (Similar).
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