A Mini Vacation & a Wedding!

If considering a vacation in the Cancun area, I'd recommend the el dorado royale resort.  The staff is incredibly nice, the resort is picturesque, the food/drinks were good and the cost for the all inclusive is reasonable.  The hotel is huge with a lot to offer and because of its size, there is transportation within the resort via golf carts being driven by staff.

The beach per my hubby was just ok, but I felt it compensated with the cabanas, and other close by beach side amenities.  The food was good, I didn't think it was great but good.  I felt like I wanted more authentic Mexican dishes but most weren't.  As a blogger, having wifi is essential to share your trip.  I did not like that wifi had to be purchased separately and even so, it was not a consistent connection.  Besides this, I also liked that the resort has a "sister" resort which is newer and in walking distance called generations.  It's great having this so close by because one can go back and fourth in walking/golf carting, enjoying the benefits of both. And of course like most resorts, they can arrange to provide other services or activities like going to tulum, horseback riding etc.  We did a boat tour in the jungle then went snorkeling which was something I'd never done but loved it.  It was a short but enjoyable mini vacation/wedding experience celebrating a dear friend.  Thanks for reading

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