Shades of Coral!

Jacket- Express (Similar), Shorts- Boohoo (Similar), Heels- Just Fab (Similar), Necklace (old/Love this).

Happy new week! Like most, I can't believe we are already half way through this month as well as through the year. When this month started, I personally challenged myself to be better at getting to work on time more.  I have been better and I'll share a few simple tips which have helped me.
-No caffeine after 6 pm
-Picking out my outfit the night before
-Going to bed no later than 10-11pm
-Turning off all stimulation when in bed---no TV, no iphones, no social media, no magazines etc

About this outfit, I wanted a 'suit' look but one that's more fun and not so serious.  The jackets matching shorts were a bit shorter than I wanted this time so I paired these shorts of a similar coral color hue with the jacket, keeping the look simple with a white tank top, jewelry, and heels. I think it's ok to wear a suit with not exact colors as long as the colors are of a similar hue.  Thanks!

 photo signature_zps294981ab.png


  1. Beautiful! You look stunning in coral Yvonne! I love mixing and matching suits, keeps things fresh. Great tips, I cut caffeine from my diet a few years ago and now I notice when I have the odd latte, it affects more now (boo). I just wish I could fall asleep at 10pm...never happens:(

    xo, jackie

  2. Nice look! Love that blazer!

    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  3. Stunning look, love the statement necklace

  4. I like the combination of white and coral and those heels are very cute.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. haha yea 10pm sometimes becomes 11pm and later. But thank you so very much Jackie! xx