Another Alternative to the Little Black Dress!

Dress- Express (Here), Heels- Just Fab (love them. Here), Bag- Michael Kors (Similar).

Hope you had a fun or relaxing weekend!  I attended a bday party for a 3 year old and had a great time.  It was cute watching the innocence among the little ones and I just remembered thinking how blissful innocence is, and how it should be protected because once it's gone, it's gone.

About this look, although I loved the shape/style of the dress, I was hesitant because of the print but got it because snake print is a print I lacked.  I think a printed little dress is another alternative to the little black dress.  I added more color into the look with the red bag and heels for summer.  I think when wearing a busy print like a snake print, it's best to avoid other printed or patterned additions keeping the focus on one print at a time.  Thanks for reading!
 photo signature_zps294981ab.png


  1. I do love this look on you! I agree, a nice printed dress is a great alternative to a LBD! Also, how was the 3 year olds bday :) Was it a Frozen theme? I am currently traveling in Thailand and I saw a little Thai girl walking around with an Elsa doll! Oh the world of globalization!


    Ginger Side of Life

  2. I really like the print! this would be a perfect work outfit !


  3. Wow,everything in these photos is beautiful.I love the shoea,the bag and the dress.Lovely combination

  4. So So cute, I love that you took away the traditional black dress and incorporated this lovely print. BTW_ Killer legs:)

  5. Lol frozen doll in Thailand?! No kidding about globalization haha I loved hearing about this. Anyway the party was lovely and surprisingly not a lot of frozen stuff like I would have expected;)

  6. Thank you! If you could wear this to work, what a cool job you'd be a little short for work for me and not as comfortable to see patients;)

  7. Glad you liked that, thank you very much!!xo

  8. You look beautiful Yvonne! I love this print on you, so fun!! And that bag is beautiful!

    xo, Jackie