Jumpsuit Comfort!

Heels-Dailylook/Old (Similar, Similar), Jumpsuit- Topshop (Here), Clutch- Old/Gift (Similar).

Hope your Monday went by ok! I used to hate Mondays but I've forced myself to look at it in another way which is, not everyone makes it to another Monday.  Now I think of it as a fresh start, a new beginning at least for that week.

About this look, I paired this jumpsuit with a print pair of heels just to break the monotony of the jumpsuit and added a nude clutch.  Not every outfit of mine is comfortable so it's appreciated when it's the case and loved the comfort of this jumpsuit.  By the way please ignore the messy was a horribly windy day ha

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  1. I love dis but I think you should have added a pop of red purse instead of the nude purse
    My opinion thoughπŸ˜€
    I love ur blog and I can see ur a fan of black and white ?
    Are you a January born ? Anyways I am too ?and you making me love black and white all over again
    I love shorts too.ur my super hero yea ✌️✌😘!
    Much luv from Ghana πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. I love the addition of the leopard print heels to the jumpsuit.

    Princess Audu

  3. This is gorg! love the leopard addition.

    I blog here:

  4. I'm glad to hear since I was a bit hesitant with the leopard but thanks lots Sarah!

  5. Hello! thanks for stopping by. Bday is in Dec but close to Jan haha but yes I do love black and white and colors. I appreciate the input of the pop of red instead of the nude and I could incorporate more color somehow with future styling! Thanks & sending love back to you in Ghana

  6. I love the idea of breaking the monotony! It served perfectly. such an awesome look.:)