Not so Mellow Yellow!

Blazer- Old/Express (Similar), Skirt- H&M (SimilarSimilar), Top- H&M (Similar), Boots- Just Fab (HereSimilar).
Hope you had a nice weekend! Mine was eventful.  I attended a baby shower celebrating new life coming in and also saying bye to another life at a wake keeping for a friends' friend who passed away from Cancer in her 40's.  It was sad, yet reminded me how more are being affected by cancer at younger ages.  It also made me think of the importance of getting the necessary check ups and to live life to the fullest.  I love the saying "do more of what makes you happy".

Anyway I simply love yellow because it's bright and cheery.  I paired the yellow skirt and top but because the skirt is short, I wore the blazer and thigh high boots (one of my fav purchases... the heel is not too high, comfortable, affordable, and fits my thighs haha).  I think adding a blazer is a good way to tone down a thigh high boot look. Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. This look is simply fabulous Yvonne, I love the pop of yellow and you are so right, the blazer does tone it all down to a point that it's so wearable!

    Love this post!

    xx Tamaa Chloé

  2. I love the colours in this look. Thigh high boots is a great way to pull of a shorter length skirt and this particular pair is amazing.

    Princess Audu

  3. Love this look. Yellow and knee boots! AMAZING

  4. Death is always so sad, yet a reminder to live life to the fullest and take good care of one self on the inside and out, and even then people are still affected by illnesses as such. I recently attended a fashion show for GO red for women and found out that heart disease is a number killer for women over all cancer combined. that really blew my mind. and the thing is, any one at any age can be affected. During the show, there was a little girl who had 5 open heart surgeries, and she couldn't have been over 11 years old. really puts things in perspective. Anyhoo, I've written a book in your comment section. LOL! I hope you are well, Yvonne!

  5. Beautiful in yellow Yvonne! This is a great look that can take you from day to night. And you're right the blazer is a good counter balance to the over the knee boots.
    What a busy weekend you celebrated a new life and said goodbye to another. It really does put things into perspective. Life is a gift that should be celebrated everyday.

    xo, jackie

  6. Thank you so much Jackie! And yes it really did put things into perspective!! xx

  7. I am well, thank you Jewel!! And yes I do know of heart disease being the number 1 killer of women but I always forget that so it's good to be reminded. Sad though. Thanks for visiting!!xo

  8. Thanks so much! Appreciate you stopping by!!

  9. I'm glad you love the look, thank you very much!

  10. yes it does tone it down rt?! Thank you so very much Tamara!!xx