Navy on Navy!

Skirt- Zara (here), Top- H&M (I like), Heels- Casadei (similar).

Happy new week! I'll be sharing another bit from my European trip as I'd promised with future posts.  I think when planning a trip abroad, it is a good idea if possible to ask your doctor or practitioner for certain prescriptions to have if needed.  I found that some meds that require a prescription in the USA can be purchased over the counter (without prescriptions) in some countries like England and Spain.  But not to expect the same in other European countries like France or Amsterdam as it's opposite.

About this look, I love pencil skirts and leather so liking this skirt was easy especially in a color I lacked in leather.  Because the skirt is fitted, I thought to pair it with a non fitted top, and having a top like that in navy made it easy to keep the look monochromatic.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. You nailed this look! I love the mix of textures and those killer heels!! Great look Yvonne!
    Thats the one of the things about travelling I don't like, remembering any prescription meds you might need. There are so many basic meds that you can buy without a prescription over here in Canada, but require a prescription in the U.S and abroad. So annoying! lol

    xo, Jackie

  2. Navy blue suits you well, i love this look! hope you enjoyed your trip :-)

    carol x

  3. You are ever blazing.
    How was your trip?

  4. i love the part you tucked the front in more. cute

  5. Love the Navy on Navy look!! You look absolutely stunning....I honestly love visiting inspiring blogs that will make me make mine better and yours has done that.

  6. I thought it'd be the same in Canada! anyway thank you so much Jackie!!

  7. hahah thank you very much! trip went well, thank God

  8. I think I liked that more too, thank you!!

  9. that's so nice, thanks so much. I'll check out your blog sometime ;)

  10. Love the blue on blue, so chic.