Check Mate!

Hello! Sorry I've not blogged in 2 weeks.  My photographer traveled and although I'd planned on blogging about some of my drug store beauty favorites, I was also swamped with work as this is back to school season so the clinic is busier but I love my job.  Thankful for a job I love.

Anyway about this outfit, I felt like I won twice hence the 'check mate' I guess that's what's said when playing chess and winning?! I don't know but I do know that purchasing this checker skirt on sale from Topshop for $8 was a win.  And after having this H&M peplum top in my closet for over 1 year and never worn, I found it to be a match for the skirt.  I think shopping your own closet sometimes can produce great finds.

Top- H&M (similar), Bag- Phillip Lim (here), Skirt- Topshop (similar, similar), Heels- BCBG (here)

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Silver & White Out!

Hello! So I've wondered if social media is making me shop more and decided no.  It might show items I like on others that I might want but I would've probably been online shopping anyway and found the item or another sooner or later.  But I'd decided I'd only buy especially at full prices items I LOVE.  If I don't love it but like it, I can wait for it on sale and if it's sold out, then it wasn't for me.  Later, I either sell items I rarely use on poshmark or send to family/friends in Cameroon/Nigeria so I feel better about purchases.  I can see how some can try to keep up with the "Jone's'' on social media but I think we should remember that we only see what others allow us to see and never know others' situations.

One item purchased on sale is this skirt.  Because it's so hot here, I've been wearing more shorts, whites, skirts like this.  I own and love yellow gold more but thought this silver metallic skirt was a nice addition to my wardrobe.  I also like the fit and flare shape because it's fun and easy on the hips.  I simply added a white shirt, silver shoes and jewelry.