Floral & Lace!

Hello and hope you had a relaxed weekend.  I spent some time with a friend who will be traveling to Cameroon to see her family and I'm excited for her.  I think if you are not like me and others like her who live in a country where most of your extended family is not at, it's hard to comprehend.  We are so far away from our families and can only visit sometimes after years and sometimes lives have been lost before reunited, so going home is always such an experience.

Anyway looking at this outfit reminds me of one of several reasons why I started blogging which was to evolve with my personal style.  I wanted to mix prints/fabrics so I paired the lace top with the floral cotton skirt.  Looking back, I should've paired the look with my coral heels and a brighter bag to enhance the colors of the skirt instead of going with my "safe black heels/bag" combo. 


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Antique Florals!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend!  I realized I've not blogged since the 3 day weekend from the 4th of July holiday.  I'd mainly watched soccer with Jason, attended a friends' wine tasting bday dinner, and watched a movie.  I also shopped some of the online holiday sales from aldo, topshop etc and realize some of the seasonal sales are still ongoing like Zara's.  Did you take advantage of any?  Anyway although the sales and day off is great, I think we have to always appreciate a country where one can become something from nothing..."the American Dream".  For being of African descent, lived, and visited other countries, I appreciate my rights, freedom, and ability to progress here.

 Speaking of sales, I'd purchased these pants on sale months ago and loved the antique floral look which is unlike any trousers I have.  I thought to wear a colored top which I still may in the future but for now, I let the pants and necklace be the focus and added an ivory shirt, nude bag and heels.


A little Sheer!

Happy new month! This year is rushing by.  One thing I'd like to accomplish this year, maybe this month is to learn how to swim.  I have this fear of water I can't stand in but I like the idea of having a pool at our home (privacy), and swimming in Thailand as Jason and I think of possible vacation spots.  I think it's an important skill that one doesn't know when it could be utilized besides being fun.  What's something you'd still like to learn to do? I have more ha

Anyway about the look, I paired this skirt with a simple sleeveless top because I wanted to keep the focus on the skirt since the sheer aspect of the skirt stands out.  I added the black heels and ladylike bag to complete the feminine look.