Spotted in White!

Hello! Hope your weekend felt longer than mine.  Jason and I mainly watched soccer, his favorite sport (he played in high school, another favorite is golf).  We usually are for the same team but found ourselves on opposite sides for the Ghana vs USA game.  Although I'm not Ghanian, I'm slightly biased since I support all African teams being African.  I think this is what happens when you marry someone from a different country. We agreed that we'd be happy for whatever team played better and won.  My hubby stated and I liked his statement, "USA won but Ghana played better".

I usually don't wear white jeans because I've felt it's not always flattering if your not a size 0 but liked this.  I chose to pair it with the peplum top.  I added the striped heels and clutch with similar colors.  I think most can wear white jeans but I suggest a pair with a thicker fabric as I did not think the fit of the white thinner jegging was flattering on me.


Lavender & Lace!

Hello! So I was looking at these pictures and thinking of how much I am looking more like my mom the older I get.  Even more, is acting more like her and enjoying dressing up and wearing more makeup.  Growing up, I'd liked fashion but never cared too much for makeup, heels, lace, and my mother always wondered why I was not like her in that aspect.  Let's just say she is happy to see the transition.  Besides the exterior, I think more like her and understand now why she was so  protective when I was growing up.  I appreciated her being that way especially when I listen to some of my teen patients and advise them.  I guess I'm becoming my mother in a way.  Do you ever feel that way?

Lace has been trendy and I liked this skirt because of its length and colors.  Although I liked the colors, I was indecisive as to what to pair it with.  I considered my go to choice a black top and heels but wanted to keep the look summery, so I paired it with my lavender shirt, nude bag and heels.


Shades of Navy!

Happy new month! I hope you had a relaxing weekend because that's exactly how mine was.  I went to dinner with Jason, watched Maleficent with Angelina Jolie who is one of my favorite actresses and I loved it.  I liked the message/the irony in the movie.  I love Disney movies but it took a lot of convincing for hubby to go.  What do you do for pass time? Going to the movies is one of mine.

I was reading Brenda's post, the blogger from Can never be a skinny bi**h which discussed what makes a blog successful.  It just made me think of why I started blogging which to put it briefly was to open up more(not easy for me), connect with others through blog contents/outfit posts as well as evolve with my personal style.  I'll elaborate more on a later post.  I think if I continue to do what my blog goal was, my blog is doing ok.  Let me know if you have a suggestions or questions you'd like addressed.

When it comes to trends, I'll try most as long as it flatters my body and is not inappropriate.  Culottes can be described as pants/shorts that look like a skirt.  These are a recent trend I liked because it's comfortable, modest, and a style I remember wearing years ago so it was easy to revisit.  I thought since these already had an interesting look with the sarong style, I kept the rest of the look simple with a matching simple navy top, bag, black heels and jewelry.