A Lacy Affair!

Hello! Hope you had a lovely memorial day weekend.  I attended a music festival and saw some acts live for the first time including MGMT, Wiz Khalifa, and more.  I wore a comfortable skater dress with cutout booties which later hurt.  I also did not forget to appreciate how fortunate I am to live in a country with freedom because of those who've served and continue to serve like my brother in law.

I wore this outfit weeks ago and although I'd initially thought to pair the skirt with any number of colorful tops to match the beading of the lace skirt,  I decided to go with a white shirt (my favorite) to break away from the beading and lace but added the black lace bag and black heels. 

Skirt- ASOS (Here), Shirt- H&M (Similar), Bag- {old}Express (Similar), Necklace- H&M (Similar, Similar), Heels- BCBG (Here).
Thanks so much for stopping by! xo


Black, White, & Gold!

Hope you are having a great week.  I'm already looking forward to the weekend.  I plan on attending a music festival and thinking of what to wear to it.  What I won't be wearing is white and not because I don't love white but for the obvious reason of it getting easily stained.  What do you think is a great music festival outfit?!  I say comfortable shoes and no white.  I'll let you know what I wear.

Speaking of white, I chose to pair this skirt which I love with a plain top since the skirt already has the slit, and the gold buttons.  I added the gold jewelry, black heels and bag.  Black, white, and gold is one of my favorite combinations.  The black and white is classic yet the gold is a bit edgy.


Florals & Denim!

Hello!  Hope you had a nice mother's day weekend.  I spent mine with my sweet mother in law who chose to house hunt for our potential  homes.  Jason and I are considering our first home and finding it to be interesting as we both express our must haves.  Mine is a huge walk in closet, a certain number of bedrooms and more, while hubby just insists on refrigerated air cooling system ha.  Do you have an ideal home must have?

Anyway I wore one of my favorite comfortable jeans/jeggings this weekend and simply thought to pair it with this loose sort of cropped flowy floral zara top.  I love that I can eat a lot with this top on and not worry about it showing.  I think flowy tops can be so forgiving.


Circles in Blue!

Hello! I'm starting off a new month with one of my favorite colors, blue.  In wanting to wear this pencil skirt, I thought to enhance the blue prints and did that by pairing the skirt with the blue bow heels.  I simply added a neutral top and some jewelry to complete the look.

Anyway earlier this week, I came across a sad story of some young girls being kidnapped and possibly sold for marriage by a terrorist group in Nigeria, my other home.  Because of social media, there has been so much more attention being drawn to this and John Kerry even tweeting about it.  I hope this focus contributes towards resolving this.  With mothers day approaching, I'm sad for the mothers of these girls which just makes me more appreciative to be able to celebrate my mother.  If you are a mother, I wish you a lovely day.  If you have a minute, please sign this petition here #bringbackourgirls