Midi & a T-Shirt!


Hello! I hope your week is going well.  The weather is so bad here in West Texas, either so hot or so windy which just reminds me of why I dislike this season unlike most people.  I prefer fall where you bundle up and not feel sweaty.  Because of this, my usual go to outfit when not dressed for work is a T-shirt like this paired with jeans and heels or flats.  Do you have a go to outfit? 

In this case, I wanted to dress up a casual T-shirt a bit (Btw ignore the charm lieutenant message haha---I don't pay attention to the writing unless if vulgar) Anyway I added the full midi skirt, heels and loved how comfortable I felt.  I love skirts as you'll see and although I love short skirts too, I'm slowly incorporating more pencil and longer skirts in my closet and like how mature I feel in them.  And I've noticed my hubby likes them too.


Lace, Bows & a Giveaway!


 I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend!  Mine was relaxing and the great thing is, my hubby accompanied me to church.  I have to mention this because the going to church weekly issue is one issue we are figuring out as a couple.  I would go to church every Sunday if I could but my hubby would rather go once in a while.  I'm not sure how to handle this, any ideas will be appreciated ha
About this look, I wanted to wear these girly bow heels which I love so I thought to make the rest of the look very feminine and work around the heels.  I did this with the lace sleeved top, high low skirt and my new favorite bag.  By the way I think lace is one way to add femininity to a look.




Hello! Hope you've been having a good week.  I was just talking to my mom about her visiting for Easter and I can't believe Easter is around the corner.  Speaking of my mother, while looking at these photos, I realize how much I'm looking like her the older I get which is ok...she is my best friend.

This outfit is my take on dressing up a romper which is usually thought of as a casual piece.  I look forward to pairing it with flats this summer but to give it a slightly different look, I added heels, a blazer, bag, but minimal jewelry because the print is already so vibrant.


Blue & Stripe!

Hello & happy new month! So it's no secret that I love shorts and skirts.  I simply find them less restricting than pants.  Although I love shorts and like my legs, I'm reminded they could be more toned (body too).  I mean as part of my job, I watch children's weight, educate them to be more physically active and tell myself the same.  Regardless, I think we should wear what we like even with our imperfections.

Today I paired these horizontally striped shorts with the solid cobalt blue top for a pop of color. I thought to do so because I think stripes can be looked at as a neutral and paired with various colors.  I just added black heels and black accessories to complete the look.