Peplum on Peplum!

Hello! So I think this month flew by.  We are in the middle of lent for Catholics.  I grew up Catholic but married a Baptist so I'm not observing lent but acknowledge it.  Although not observing, I understand the significance and I admire those who give up things.  I do think the whole idea is to give up something which is challenging.  I wonder what I'd give up...Chocolate, shopping, phones, skirts? What would be hard for you to give up? 

About skirts, I love a great sale find.  Weeks ago while shopping for work clothes (not this), I ended up at JC Penney.  I got this skirt for $6 from almost 40.  I paired it with the leather top and yes I think leather can still be worn in the spring.  I wanted to try an all peplum look and kept the look all black. 



Hello!  Hope your week is going well so far.  Mine is going by so fast it seems with work keeping me busy.  Today at work, my name was added to the clinics door with the Doctor I work with.  I also got a stamp and business cards.  It seems like little things but this is the first time I've had these and it makes me happy and feel grown up.

About this outfit I wore over the weekend, I decided to pair the high waist full skirt with this simple powder pink top keeping the top simple because the skirt already makes a dressy statement.  I don't have enough full skirts but I love the femininity of them.  I completed the look with some jewelry, patent heels, a handbag, and my new kinda big hair! 


Plaid on Plaid!

Hello guys!  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  I apologize for my lack of posts the last few weeks.  Between being sick, traveling for work, and getting used to my fairly new work schedule, blogging took a back seat but I'm better, back home and adjusting to work.  By the way these photos were shot at a plant nursery while accompanying a friend looking to purchase some flowers to plant.
Anyway while traveling for work in Atlanta last weekend, I visited a few shopping centers.  I wanted to try on the Valentino Rock studs and possibly purchase but they were sold out in my size which was disappointing.  I went to H&M and grabbed a few pieces like this plaid pants.  I paired it with a plaid print shirt I had sticking with a similar color/pattern hue.  I also added the bright necklace and bag.