A Structured Mini!

Hi everyone! Am I the only one who feels like this Christmas is getting here so soon? I love Christmas but although I love it, I'm already not looking forward to it being gone.  I love what Christmas signifies from a religious standpoint and I also love the cheeriness in the air, the decorations, getting together, and yes the gift exchanges because I'll think of it as one more gesture of love...although I do agree that in the western world, it has become a bit too commercialized. 

I wore this outfit and thought to use it for a post because the skirt is unique in my wardrobe.  I love skirts and although I was a bit hesitant with this, I wore it because I think fashion is sometimes wearing what you might not immediately gravitate towards.  Since the structured mini skirt stands out on it's own, I chose to keep the rest of the look minimal which I think is best.  I achieved that with black pieces, a bodysuit, clutch, tights, boots, and simple jewelry.

Shoes- Zara (Similar here), Skirt- Asos (Seen here), Bodysuit top- Agaci (Seen here), Clutch- Forever 21 (Similar here), Tights- Express (Seen here), Jewelry- Express and gifts (listed in previous posts).

Thank you for stopping by & I wish you a very merry Christmas filled with love!!


  1. oh i love this skirt and your shoes are very nice.
    your braids keeps looking beautiful.

    happy holidays.

  2. You are right, Christmas is now a bit too commercialized. We tend to forget that Jesus is the reason for the season.

    That skirt is everything!
    You look super gorg! And love the shine in your hair.

  3. What an amazing skirt! And the shoes: still in love with them... Even if mine are still in the box...

  4. very pretty! please check out my latest post at!!

  5. Love the skirt!

  6. He definitely is the reason for the season! Thanks Portia!

  7. Amy thank you! But get them out of the box ;)

  8. Thank you! & thanks for stopping by!