Floral Greens!

Hey guys! hope the weekend went well for you!  I spent mine studying for my boards and I never realized I could get so anxious about an exam but I am although learning to cope.  Anyway as you can see, it's still warm here and I'm not loving it because I'm so ready for fall weather, boots and all. 
I love peplums but I would not have bought it in this color but after receiving it as a gift a while ago and never wearing it, I thought to wear it with this floral shirt I got on a great sale.  Love a sale!  Anyway I think it's ok to sometimes try what you'd normally not buy for yourself.     


Outfit of the Day (Casual): Hint of Turquoise with Mint!

I love jewelry like most but as much as I love big shiny pieces, I also love unique beautiful pieces which stand out like these here.  I used to think turquoise jewelry was only for the "boho chic" style which although I like, I am not.  But I now realize different styles can wear it, it's how you wear it. 

I'd planned on wearing the necklace with the mint pants and since the weather got slightly cooler (although it looks bright), I wore the knit top of a similar hue.  I'd been carrying the grey bag so I wore these shoes with grey/taupe at the front to match the bag as neutrals and headed out to lunch but not before taking photos in the parking lot.


Leopard & Leather!

Hope you had a great start of the week!  I studied and caught up with a friend who did my hair extensions this weekend.  I'd had my extensions put in weeks ago but hated how it'd turned out.  My friend always told me she could do it but I'd avoided it in case I hated it, not to hurt her feelings but glad that's not the case.

Regarding my look, I'd always wanted to try T-strap shoes although I worried it'd not look good because of my wide feet but since it was reasonably priced, I tried.  They are dainty, feminine and I liked them on my wide feet.  I paired it with my long faux leather skirt, shirt, and bag I've had and one of my newer favorite statement necklaces.  I like the trend of leather and statement necklaces this fall.  Anyway I think even a wide feet can pull off the right T-Strap heel.


Outfit of the Day: High Rise!

Hope you are having a good week! I am studying for my boards but the blog is a nice escape.  I love shopping but I love a shopping deal more.  This Forever 21 shirt was on sale for $15 but had an added 50% off!  I'd signed up for Asos emails and got a discount I used towards these high rise/high waisted wide leg shorts.  Although I love color, I kept the look fairly monochromatic pairing it with a black bag and shoe.  Years ago I wouldn't wear anything high waisted, but I do as I get older.  I think high waisted shorts can be worn year round and can transition into fall with tights and boots. 


Orange Shift!


Hey everyone! hope you had a lovely weekend.  I was recovering from a cold and allergies but glad to be ok now.  On sunday, I caught up with a Cameroonian (African) friend who took these pictures.  There are not too many Cameroonians where I live so it's always great to spend time with one because it's a piece of home away from home. 

Anyway on the outfit, I love shift dresses because they are so forgiving on the body.  I think just about every body shape can wear a shift dress.  I also love the bright color of this dress and simply paired it with another one of my fall favorite shoes, fun necklace, and my big clutch. 


Outfit of the Day: Simple Striped Shirt Dress!

Hope your week is going ok so far! Although still warm, it was windy the other day but it's ok because this dress does not fly up like others.  Shirt dresses are so easy to throw on and are so comfortable that I kept it on all day after wearing it for a visit.  For a pop of color, I added one of my new favorite necklaces in red from Mesa Blue, and a red clutch.  I look forward to pairing it with tights and boots when cooler but since it's not, these black heels worked.

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