Outfit of the Day: All Black in a Leather Peplum!

I usually won't wear all black although I like it on others.  I almost paired this skirt with another colored shirt but thought to do something different besides it's fashion, so why not try new looks right?  I got this skirt at target while shopping the Phillip Lim for target collection.  I'd hoped I would not like it because I already had Phillip Lim bags to purchase, but loved the leather peplum detail.  It was easy to like,  I already love leather, peplums and now this!

Bag- Phillip for Target (Seen here, here), Skirt- Target (Seen here), Shirt- Forever 21 (Similar here), Shoes- Zara (Seen here), Charm Bracelet- JLuxe boutique (listed in older post), Name plate gold necklace- Gift (Similar here), Black necklace- Forever 21 (similar here)

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  1. Sigh* Love, Love, Love! I see you rocking awesome fall trends.

  2. Hello! Thanks for commenting on my blog and YES: i'm french! Is my french so bad?!?! ;) anyway, you look great in this outfit and I felt in love with the shoes: I need them in my Life so purchased today on Zara...

  3. Hi! No your French and English are both great! & glad you ordered the shoes too!! Thank you :)

  4. All dressed in black and looking great. I just love those shoes!! Gorgeous!

    xo, Jackie

  5. Thank you Jackie! They are different but I love them too :)

  6. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my blog for the details !!

    Xoxo Ray