Clutch Cravings!

Ok so after purchasing 2 hand bags from the Phillip Lim for Target collection, I told myself I'd take a break from buying bags anytime soon but save up for the original Phillip Lim Pashli which I've been eye balling.  But now that I've taken a break from thinking about buying bags, I can't stop thinking about some clutches I've seen and love.  Now I'm craving these trendy clutches! (The black & camel options come in other colors and can be personalized with initials which I'd want).  Do you like any?
Gigi New York (Seen here)

(Gigi New York clutch above with initial sample)

K Slade (Seen here)

Love, Cortnie (Seen here)
Express (Seen here)
Forever 21 {the oversized steal} (Seen here)
Vince Camuto from Shoebox (Seen here)
Thanks for visiting!


  1. You are welcome! I love this and the Ashleigh clutch & will be purchasing at some point!! ;)

  2. The last one is so funky! I love the one with brown prints too just because they stand out. I should invest in clutches. I find myself invited to a wedding, it is not until then I realize I have more purses and almost no clutch. I should invest in them. They are unique pieces on a outfit

    Stay in touch Yvonne

  3. Hi! I completely know what you mean by having too many bags & not enough clutches when it's needed! You should invest & many options ;) thanks for visiting, I'll dev be in touch!! Xo

  4. Love your choices. The Vince Camuto is my fav!
    I have to admit with all the oversized clutches that have been popping on the runways just makes me want one! lol! Apparently I'm easily influenced. Ha Ha
    But they're so cute and clutches are so perfect for a night out:)

    xo, jackie

  5. Oooh, Yvonne, you going to put me in trouble! LOL! I have an extensive bag collection but I craving clutches this season. I was questioning the sanity of this, since in the autumn/winter season, we often switch to oversized handbags & tote (we ladies usually lug more junk around to survive the cold days). Hence, I am trying to justify buying the clitches.
    Nice collection you show here, & I am more interested in the Lucite Box Clutches. Nordstrom has the best affordable options & I am itching for a new buy.
    Thanks for sharing! Y.S

  6. Hahaha Jackie thanks! It's one of my faves too! You reminded of the oversized clutch option which I have one so I added it to the list :)

  7. Haha Yemisi at least you can share being in trouble together! I saw the options at nordstroms which were colorful and i liked but went with clear this time ;)