Cobalt & Cut Out!

Hey guys! hope you had a good weekend! It seems it went by fast doesn't it? Maybe it's just me.  On Friday night, I attended an event organized by a real estate organization my hubby is a part of.  He is the current president, and although it takes him away from home more, I'm proud of the work he does with it.  Sacrifices, I guess that's part of being adults right?!

Anyway about this outfit, I was excited to wear this flirty cobalt Asos skirt with this beautiful, hand crafted red Mesa Blue necklace which is unlike any other jewelry I have.  I basically planned this outfit around these two pieces, pairing them with my new favorite cut out shoes.


Outfit of the Day: All Black in a Leather Peplum!

I usually won't wear all black although I like it on others.  I almost paired this skirt with another colored shirt but thought to do something different besides it's fashion, so why not try new looks right?  I got this skirt at target while shopping the Phillip Lim for target collection.  I'd hoped I would not like it because I already had Phillip Lim bags to purchase, but loved the leather peplum detail.  It was easy to like,  I already love leather, peplums and now this!


Clutch Cravings!

Ok so after purchasing 2 hand bags from the Phillip Lim for Target collection, I told myself I'd take a break from buying bags anytime soon but save up for the original Phillip Lim Pashli which I've been eye balling.  But now that I've taken a break from thinking about buying bags, I can't stop thinking about some clutches I've seen and love.  Now I'm craving these trendy clutches! (The black & camel options come in other colors and can be personalized with initials which I'd want).  Do you like any?
Gigi New York (Seen here)

(Gigi New York clutch above with initial sample)

K Slade (Seen here)

Love, Cortnie (Seen here)
Express (Seen here)
Forever 21 {the oversized steal} (Seen here)
Vince Camuto from Shoebox (Seen here)
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Outfit of the day: A Coral Suit! (Photographed as orange-pink?!)

I love suits, whether in the form of a skirt, pants, or as in this case shorts.  I think suits on women can look empowering yet sexy in a subtle way.  I had purchased the shorts in the past and recently got the matching jacket while on sale thinking that it's a jacket that can be worn in different ways.  Here, I paired it with a purple sleeveless blouse I'd received in the past as a gift, paired with coral shoes, and bright jewelry to keep the whole look colorful.

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Plaid & Patterns!

Hey guys! how was your weekend? Hope it went well.  I got to spend some time with one of my best friends, watched the Mayweather/Canelo fight, and talk about issues we'd had in our friendship.  I think friendships like any other relationships have ups and downs and if it's worth it, you work through it and that's what we are doing.  This makes me happy because great friends are hard to find.

Anyway I'd worn this outfit on the way to watch the fight but changed into jeans to keep it more relaxed.  This outfit is part of the shopping haul I'd mentioned when I got several sale pieces from the designer Duro Olowu's collection for JC Penney.  Since it's plaid patterns for the top and bottom, I kept the makeup, accessories, minimal pairing it with sandals and a bag I thought of as neutrals.

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Outfit of the Day: The Overall Dress!

Hi! So a trend that's back and I'm excited about is the overall, or as some call it a pinafore.  I remember wearing overalls while in high school some years ago and loved the ease of them.  I was looking for a denim overall but found this overall dress instead.  I thought it's not like anything I had so I got it.  I decided to add the casual wedge shoe to add color as well as with the accessories.



Floral & Coral!

Hi guys!  Hope you had a great weekend!! My outfit is bright today right? Well I love colors but that's not news right?! I'd purchased the shorts randomly on a great sale weeks ago, I loved the color and side zipper look.  The floral shirt was purchased as part of a sale haul where I got several pieces from the designer Duro Olowu for JC Penney collection.  I rounded the look with my coral heels.

By the way if unfamiliar with Duro Olowu, he is a Nigerian/British designer whose designs incorporate African prints, and are bright, colorful, and vibrant.  When I look at his items, I see the African influence in them which reminds me of my heritage and I love it.  By the way, I purchased about 5 items and spent less than $100.  Great sale right? you should check it out too!!

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Cropped & Cobalt!

Hello & happy Friday!  Time flies! It seems I was just in Ohio last Friday with mom when we went shopping.  But that's not surprising right?!  I had been looking for blue shoes so when I saw these, I loved the cobalt-like blue color which is on trend now, but even loved more the shape of the heel.  As for the skirt, I also loved the color, the jacquard fabric, but also that it can be worn as a high waist. 

I'd like to think of my style as trendy but I won't try every single trend.  The MC Hammer pant trend was one I overlooked.  One trend I was not sure about was the crop top.  I think if not well put together, can look trashy.  Also, I'd not been exercising while in school and to put it nicely, my abs could be more toned.  So the thought of a crop top was a definite no until I decided to pair it with the high waist skirt.  By doing so, very minimal midriff was exposed and I liked the look better.  The heels also matched the print color of the skirt which was easy to pair.

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Lasered Leather!

Hello! Hope you are having a good long weekend with the labor day holiday.  I recently returned from seeing my mom who took these pictures, and I must say she loves taking pictures because she loves photos and calls them memories.  I'd missed my hubby while on the trip so we took it easy all weekend with going to dinner, getting drive thru meals, and just watching movies, which was nice.

Anyway about this outfit, I should just say I love the look of leather.  Before traveling to mom, I'd stopped by a boutique because they were having sales.  I found some items including this laser cut faux leather skirt not on sale.  I thought it's a good piece which would transition into fall.  I liked the laser detail because it made it a bit edgier, and not look like your basic black leather skirt.  I paired it with a long sleeve black/white shirt and shoes, with minimal jewelry as I headed out with mom.

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