Graduation 2013

I graduated yay!!!!!!!!! All I can say or think is thank God I graduated.  As you might know, I started my blog as a distraction from the stress of school and it served it's purpose.  I've enjoyed blogging so much that I'll continue with my blog and it'll always be a reminder of my graduate program.

This graduation was particularly significant for me because my parents' only hope for me was to achieve a higher level of education and of course be happy.  Graduating with my masters of science in nursing meant to me that I accomplished what was my mine and my parents goal.

My mother was unable to complete her education when she got pregnant with me shortly after starting college.  She dropped out of college and was never able to go back as the challenges of life took over until a few years ago after raising me, she then went to an LVN school.  My father came from a background in Africa where his parents were unable to send him to college and there is and was no financial aid, and jobs were scarce as well.  So he had to "hustle" to start a small business which fortunately with time became successful to an extent where they were able to assist with my education.  I got my bachelors in 2008 but I knew I wanted to get my masters and become a nurse practitioner to practice nursing in a  more advanced way.  Underneath the fashion and everything else, I'm a girl who made her parents proud, hubby proud, herself proud, and has hopes of utilizing this degree not only for a caring career, but also in humanitarian aspects.  Doctorate program next!!

Being hooded...I was emotional.  Jason took this with his phone so not very clear





  1. Congrats! You rock girl!

  2. Congrats again!! When do you write the NP exam?

  3. Thank you! was just relaxing a bit and happy from being done with the school but started studying for it now, then will schedule date ;)

  4. Congratulations; cute shoes and nice outfit.

  5. Congratulations!!! What an amazing accomplishment! You're glowing and look fantastic. Great necklace by the way.?
    xo, Jackie

  6. Awwwww congratulations dear!!!! Wishing you nothing but great success..You looked absolutely fabulous..