Denim on Denim with a Twist!

Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going ok...hang in there, it's almost Friday! I traveled to Ohio this past weekend visiting my mom who had a graduation party for me.  It was a fun time and I appreciated it.  I've posted some photos on instagram, and will add some on facebook.

Anyway while visiting a friend while in Ohio, I wore this denim on denim outfit and feel it's with a bit of a twist because the skirt does not distinctively look like denim especially with the pattern, but is.  I like denim on denim when the denim are two different colors or as in this case, a different pattern.  I chose to pair it with these sandals and a small handbag.  It was a simple, comfortable, yet girly outfit.  By the way, we shot most of the pictures through a sliding door explaining the black edges.

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Phillip Lim for Target!

Ok I know I'm not the only one who loves this idea of amazing, established high end designers partnering up with stores like H&M and Target to bring more affordable versions of their designs. Target has already had Missoni, Prabal Gurung, a few others, and now Phillip Lim on september 15th!  I am excited about this and already watching the yellow bag and more items as shared below!!

Enjoy shopping & thanks for visiting!


Comfortable Camouflage!

Hello! Hope your week is going ok so far! Well my hubby and I always try to have lunch or dinner dates and or a movie during the week or weekend when we can.   Earlier this week, we planned on a casual date, and I thought to dress comfortably.

I never wear camouflage but saw this legging look at express recently as it is on trend, and thought to try it.  I chose to pair it with the long loose fitting chambray denim shirt, and ankle boots as opposed to flats which I'd considered.  I chose this pairing to slightly dress up the look and make the camouflage a bit more fashionable yet comfortable.  By the way, my hubby was not a fan of the camouflage but I guess that'll happen sometimes right?! We can laugh about these things!


Graduation 2013

I graduated yay!!!!!!!!! All I can say or think is thank God I graduated.  As you might know, I started my blog as a distraction from the stress of school and it served it's purpose.  I've enjoyed blogging so much that I'll continue with my blog and it'll always be a reminder of my graduate program.

This graduation was particularly significant for me because my parents' only hope for me was to achieve a higher level of education and of course be happy.  Graduating with my masters of science in nursing meant to me that I accomplished what was my mine and my parents goal.

My mother was unable to complete her education when she got pregnant with me shortly after starting college.  She dropped out of college and was never able to go back as the challenges of life took over until a few years ago after raising me, she then went to an LVN school.  My father came from a background in Africa where his parents were unable to send him to college and there is and was no financial aid, and jobs were scarce as well.  So he had to "hustle" to start a small business which fortunately with time became successful to an extent where they were able to assist with my education.  I got my bachelors in 2008 but I knew I wanted to get my masters and become a nurse practitioner to practice nursing in a  more advanced way.  Underneath the fashion and everything else, I'm a girl who made her parents proud, hubby proud, herself proud, and has hopes of utilizing this degree not only for a caring career, but also in humanitarian aspects.  Doctorate program next!!

Being hooded...I was emotional.  Jason took this with his phone so not very clear


Lust Item of the Week! Tom Ford Padlock Ankle-Strap Pumps!!

Tom Ford is one of the designers I feel understands a woman's body and makes sexy, beautiful shoes and clothes.  All I know is, I love these shoes and would wear them in a minute.  It comes in several colors as shown but I'm torn between the black and gold as favorites, you?! (Seen here)


Ankara with a Forever Find!

My mommy was in town this past weekend for my graduation and I could not have been happier because she is my favorite person...hubby too!  I'm sure like most mothers, she will do anything for me and one of the smaller things she did was have some Ankara wear made for me.  Ankara clothing can be described as using typically African influenced vibrant fabrics, sewn into more modern "westernized" styles.  I  got this simple pencil skirt which I paired with a plain satin white shirt and my $30 sandals I'd recently found at forever 21 & love.  My mom and I had fun taking the pictures and I think more than the outfit, I love the memory from our shoot on this hot day.

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An MK Maxi Find!

Michael Kors (MK) is one of my favorite designers, so I often go into the store when I can.  I'd love to go more but my card would not appreciate it ha!  Few weeks ago, I went in to use the stores' gift card I had and had almost lost.  To avoid losing the card again, I thought to use justification here a bit I know!  On the sale rack I found this long dress at 50% off.  It's a size higher than what I wear but I thought for the sale price, if too obvious, I could get it altered.  But it's comfortable and has been ok since its a maxi anyway.  This evening I paired it with my brown sandals matching belt but added color with the necklace.  Gotta love a sale find, especially an MK!

Dress- Michael Kors (similar I like here), Watch- Michael Kors (listed in older post), Necklace-Trend Society {boutique}(listed in older post), Shoes- Express (same here).
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What I'm reading!

If you remember the movie, 'The Devil Wears Prada' you'll remember how entertaining, fun, and fashion minded it was! Well I picked up the sequel recently for a break from my school reads & so far it's a good easy read! If looking for a new summer book, check it out!!


Peplum & Pink!!

Hello! This week I realized that graduation will hopefully be approaching soon and I will be interviewing for a job, which made me think that I might not have a lot of appropriate job interview attire.  While going through my closet, I found these coral/pink ankle pants I'd purchased months ago but never worn.  The things we can find in our closets!  I thought these would've worked for an interview if in a black or gray color and worn with a blazer and closed toed shoes.

But since the pants are pink, I enhanced the color with the mint peplum top for more color but added the strappy heels to make the look less conservative to go out.  So guess what? As if I need a reason to go shopping, this gives me one to shop for a job interview attire and I wonder what else I'll find ha!

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H&M Online Shopping Now Available!

H&M online shopping is now available & I couldn't be happier about it especially because there is no H&M here at home and sometimes one just wants to shop online!!  Yes I have shopping issues ...