The Royal!

Hello! ok I realize everyone is talking about the royal baby but that's not what I'm referencing in the title.  The Royal is the resort we vacationed at last week in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  I have been to Juarez Mexico which is close to the Texas border and hugely different from the Mexico I experienced.  In a few words, Playa del Carmen was nicer, safer, and more touristy.  My hubby and I were invited to the wedding of our friends Carrie and Luke and we thought it'd be wonderful sharing their special day and also a great summer vacation opportunity. 

I would highly recommend this resort for several reasons with the first being safety.  While at the ocean, I noticed there was security with guns hanging out.  At first thought, that would seem scary but then you realize they are there for your protection.  Also, there was more than enough bottled water provided even for brushing your teeth just to prevent any upset tummies from the water.  The staff was very nice and accommodating and made our beds/cleaned room/restocked more than once a day.  There was 24 hr room service with a stocked refrigerator for your convenience.  The food was good, not excellent but good and all inclusive from the restaurants within the resort, to across the street, the buffet, and coffee shops.  The resort offered entertainment, spas, had excursions and other fun things that one could do like parasailing but I must say I did nothing but eat, drink and lay on the cabana by the beautiful blue ocean. There was also a local market/shopping very close by for souvenirs etc.

Overall it was a great experience and I'd recommend the Playa del Carmen and this resort.  The only thing I'd remind you to do is have several dollar bills to tip.  They appreciate as little as a $1 tip to whatever amount you feel like.  If you take any summer vacations or travel there sometime, enjoy!!

Here are some pictures, thanks for reading!

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Our room!

Our room had it's own ''like a Jacuzzi/hot tub''

I was laying in the hammock with a pool and ocean view!

What I did most...nothing! laying in the cabana :)

My bathing suit was very comfortable.  Its from a brand called coco rave! Don't forget a hat, sunnies and sunscreen!

My beautiful & stylish sister in law Molly heading for the ocean!

These flowers found around the resort reminded me of the flowers we had at our home in Africa...nostalgic

Carrie & Luke! Very relaxed yet beautiful wedding (hot)!!
Wedding fun! they are doing a matrix move?! lol yes, balloons appeared too!!

Hubby and I at the reception

This was the welcoming of wedding guests party the night before the wedding.  Dress from from forever21.  Looked for a flowy dress to suit the atmosphere  ;)

The resort had entertainment nightly from acrobats to live music and dancing

 At the buffet, I had fruit sushi rolls for the first time and the guava reminded me of when I was in Africa.  We had guava trees at our home that I used to climb...yes I climbed ha

What's better than Mexican food in Mexico? Delicious
Some of the yummy desserts at the all inclusive coffee shop...I was in sweet tooth heaven :)


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love all the pics!

    Rachel Ashley

  2. As someone that lives on a caribbean island I definitely appreciate and love your post and the resort is beautiful. Great outfit choices as well.

  3. Wow! Gorgeous pictures. The resort is beautiful and it looks like you guys had a great trip!
    xo, Jackie

  4. How wonderful it is to live on a Caribbean! I'll def check out your blog pics for that beauty & more! And thank you!!

  5. Oh my goodness! This place looks Royal! It's beautiful! Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time!